Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now...?

Grrr!  I'm not patient any more (although I am a patient, boom boom, puntastico!).  The doc has been to see me and checked everything off the list:  no puking, no fever, temperature under 38 for 24 hours, looking well, not dizzy, weight ok, etc, so-on-and-so-forth.  

The question was then raised again, "so, can I go then?"
She froze a moment.  Did a quick computation.  Not sure what it was.  
She said, "Possibly".
How bloody useful is that?  Still, if Hitler thought that way the 20th century may have been different:
"Fuhrer, shall we invade Poland?"
"Hmmm, possibly"
Many lives may have been saved and the Charlie Chaplin look-a-like may have lived a few more years preaching his own brand of hate filled rubbish.
Anyway, short dictators aside, she then said that she would need to run it by the consultant and get the go/no go decision.  Just to make sure this didn't go on all day, I ask when she could do that and let me know and she said in 30 minutes.  That was 2 hours ago.  I may restart digging my tunnel (code name Charlie, after tunnel Alfie was discovered by guards and after tunnel Blinky collapsed).
The wait goes on.  The trouble is, it could put my temperature up and result in me not being allowed to go!


Anonymous said...

Hello Uncle,
Lots of love from sunny Ibiza. My mum keeps me informed of what you are up to. Dont forget we have an apppointment here in Ibiza to hit the town and celebrate as soon as you get rid of that son of a bitch invader!! Make it soon. Lots of love, Chuckie x x x
look forward to seeing you x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,
Mum is typing, we are dictating!
Thinking of you, we are so proud of our best uncle in the world.
Looking forward to seeing you and cant wait to see Harry and your family. Lots of love Natasha x x

Anonymous said...

Just to give you an update and let you know we are thinking of you ,and in awe of your courage ! me standing on one of chrissie's earings and bleeding ,pales into insignificance ! she thought it hilarious .I went all manly and didn t speak to her for 6 hours , until hunger kicked in .
I spoke to peter and jane today . peter is coming to Ibiza two sing in 3 concerts for charities on the island .Christine is co ordinating over there , should be great .
I e mailed you a joke but will repeat it .
A man lying in hospital with an oxygen mask over his mouth , mumbles to the nurse "are my testicles black?" She lifts up his gown , grabs his penis in one hand and his testicles in the other , and says "their fine sir " ,he takes off his mask and says to the nurse " listen to me very , very carefully , are- my- test- results- back?
Keep fighting
speak soon
Bert and chrissie x

Wanners said...

Word mate.
Just had to do a catch up...
Hope your out for the mo.
Not quite a joke...but food for thought

What is the most painfull pain in the world?...women will say giving birth...men...a kick in the bollox.
Now....I have proof that a Kick in the nuts is worse.
When was the last time you heard a bloke say..."Ooo...i could do with a kick in the nuts just now....", but how many women say "lets try for another baby!!"....

Anonymous said...

Hi rich,After those havy days hope you're ok.Keep fighting,I know, Not easy, but you can do it !Send you more energy.. Regards, Stephane xx

Anonymous said...

Morning Bruvinlaw
Pleased to hear you successfully escaped! Still no jokes but came across the following this morning:-
'God's Promises'
God has not promised sun withoput rain, joy without sorrow, peace without pain.
But God has promised strength for the day, rest for the labour, light for the way, grace for the trials, help from above, unfailing sympathy, undying love.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday (and the extension!!)
Cheers and prayers
Peter <><

Wifey said...

Can't believe you mentioned the Fuhrer without referencing our 'dress-up' session last week (hmm that sounds a bit dodgy doesn't it!!)

Adam said...


Dave said...

Hello mate,

Can you come back to work now ? Christina's leaving, Ian's off on paternity leave soon, then me, then Kath off for 3 months. Help !
Hope all is 'well'. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick

I found this website helpful if you wanted any mre info www.lymphomas.org.uk