Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Year, New Decade

So 2010 is here, another new year and a new decade............. it still feels very wrong that Richie is not here with us for it.

So it seems a good time to start thinking about resolutions etc, things to do this year or decade (gives me a bit of tolerance if I slack off!). Richie always told me to write down the things I wanted to do/achieve - apparently it made them more 'doable'! So here goes:-

* Stop smoking - its a filthy disgusting habit and will more than likely kill me if I dont
* Run a half marathon - no times to beat yet, just dragging my ass round 13 miles will be an achievement in itself to start with!
* Visit Singapore
* Learn a new skill - not sure what yet but toying with Fencing
* Create a dream garden - this one is already started but needs more focus and a lot more work (and turf!)
* Re-ignite Summer Of BBQ's (Katy & Sarah will understand this one!)
* Look after my financial welfare better (eg less shoes and more savings!)

That will do for a start but I might edit/amend the list as I have more inspiration!

Although I started this blog in January its now March so its a little late to say Happy 2010 everybody but what the hell, Happy New Year anyway!