Monday, 28 September 2009


So last week I found out the happy news that I have been cast in the Maidenhead Drama Guilds Christmas Pantomime Cinderella as Prince Charming.

Me and Rich met 8 years ago doing our first panto for this group which was also Cinderella. So feels very poignant that I will be involved in this one, and will make it a good one just for him.

The show is on 9th to the 13th December so rehearsals start in earnest this week. 3 nights a week, which is a challenge with work and Becs & Harry but I have hopefully sorted all the required babysitting to ensure I do not miss any rehearsals.
Therefore I expect to see lots of familiar faces in the audience!! So the details are below:-

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Becca's First Day @ Secondary School

So Bec's started at Newlands today, which as probably already said makes me feel old as well as a bit emotional!

So to embarrass her terribly I found a photo that Rich took of her at her first day at Primary school:-

So 7 years on and the picture is a lot different, but I will have to add that on in a bit as need to charge my camera and upload the photos. Simple tasks still seem like a pain in the butt somedays. However wanted to get this blog finished as have another to add and haven't done any blogging for what feels like ages.

Dropping Bec off that first morning though creating a bit of a wobble, especially not having Rich there to call me a big baby for getting all teary! All the other girls going into the school looked so grown-up! I realised that this was the start of teenage tantrums and the start of Mum just becoming an over-used cash machine!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


So after blogging re bank-holiday it turned out that we didn't make it down to Devon after all due to some legal issues my sister is experiencing with her new pad. So a weekend in Devon will be re-booked for some time this month. This month - which is September - holy crap how did that happen already! Time seems to be whizzing by at a rate of knots.

Even more scary - Rebecca's first day at Secondary school is tomorrow - I am scared for prob three reasons - 1, Rich wont be there with us to drop her off on her first day, 2, my little girl is growing up and I remember starting secondary school and how grown-up you feel/become but 3, and probably the most selfish reason - its making me feel really OLD!!!!

It has also completely drained my bank-account! Its a great school she is going to but blimey the uniform is expensive!! So I have told her she is not aloud to grow for the next 5 years!!!!