Wednesday, 2 September 2009


So after blogging re bank-holiday it turned out that we didn't make it down to Devon after all due to some legal issues my sister is experiencing with her new pad. So a weekend in Devon will be re-booked for some time this month. This month - which is September - holy crap how did that happen already! Time seems to be whizzing by at a rate of knots.

Even more scary - Rebecca's first day at Secondary school is tomorrow - I am scared for prob three reasons - 1, Rich wont be there with us to drop her off on her first day, 2, my little girl is growing up and I remember starting secondary school and how grown-up you feel/become but 3, and probably the most selfish reason - its making me feel really OLD!!!!

It has also completely drained my bank-account! Its a great school she is going to but blimey the uniform is expensive!! So I have told her she is not aloud to grow for the next 5 years!!!!

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