Monday, 26 April 2010

Sam & Ruth's Wedding

On Saturday Ruth Armstrong, one of Richie's friends from University (or known via Ruth's brother John at University, one or the other anyway, my brain is never good at keeping up!) got married to her fiance Sam Mayer. I was invited to the wedding, which was lovely.

Sam and Ruth had the official ceremony in the Guildhall in Bath and then had a reception at the Limpley Stoke Hotel afterwards. Firstly they were blessed with a very beautiful and sunny day - perhaps Richie put in a good word for them to ensure the sun-shined! Secondly they were blessed with having one of the most fun weddings I have been too - lots of lovely people, fantastic food and then some cracking dancing in the evening with a Ceilidh band (hopefully I have spelt that correctly!) - oh and of course this was all mixed with a few glasses of Fizz and perhaps a few cheeky glasses of wine!

Congratulations Sam and Ruth, wishing you all the best for a happy and long future together.

An Update on Resolutions

To esnure that I keep some level of focus on my resolutions, heres a sneaky update:-

* Stop smoking - its a filthy disgusting habit and will more than likely kill me if I don't - I am now cigarette free for aprox 6 weeks, so far so good!

* Run a half marathon - no times to beat yet, just dragging my ass round 13 miles will be an achievement in itself to start with! - I have started running again (much easier when not polluting my lungs with Nicotine!) however have not ventured so far as to register for a 1/2 marathon. Baby steps though!

* Visit Singapore - fingers crossed that C&W hit their targets so we get a bit of bonus which will go towards this one!

* Learn a new skill - not sure what yet but toying with Fencing - Doh no progress on this one! And still unsure what skill to delve into, maybe some kind of dancing.....

* Create a dream garden - this one is already started but needs more focus and a lot more work (and turf!) - ok so a slight improvement, but still require turf! I have had people round for quotes just need to follow this up!

* Re-ignite Summer Of BBQ's (Katy & Sarah will understand this one!)* Look after my financial welfare better (eg less shoes and more savings!) - the first BBQ was kicked off a couple of weekends ago thanks to our recent bout of glorious weather, next one is scheduled in for May!

There was also the point around saving money, but thats far to dull to mention! Especially when the sun is shining and new shoes are needed for the sunny weather hehehehe!