Friday, 10 October 2008

Me and My Chicken Legs!

I'm out and discharged from hospital.  I feel really tired and lethargic and can hardly walk due to my wasted leg muscles.  I walk like a badly coordinated 96 year old.  That's not the worst bit, getting up to standing is a swine.  Don't even ask about the worry I had when I sat on the toilet (yes, I thought I was stuck and was going to need help to get up.  I just managed it though.  Not fun).  As soon as I was released I tried to start getting some walking done and to go up the stairs a few times (that's a killer).  Next morning the few scrawny muscles I did have were throbbing and I could hardly move my legs at all.  Standing wasn't only difficult it was bloody painful too.  So, as good as high dose steroids are for somethings, they are bastards when it comes to scoffing muscle tissue.  I now officially have chicken legs (or chicken bone legs to be more precise!)

On the plus side, I now have a stem cell harvest date and a scan date.  Fingers are crossed that the last chemo session (which I found really gruelling, more in another post) seemed to have worked (please, please).  Anyway, I now have to give myself 3 daily injections (yum, yum) in my soft white belly.  1 is called Fragmin and is an anti-coagulant, the other 2 are GCSF which is the drug that makes my poor tortured bone marrow release stem cells.  I have 2 of those because they don't do a single on in a big enough size.  Doh!  


Sandra said...

Always wondered if you were a bit of a chicken...

My fingers are crossed and you're in my thoughts,

San xx

Chemo-Man said...

Look on the bright side, from here on out you can blame all your faults on chemo. I do that. Let a little stinky one out, “sorry, but the chemo made me real gassy”, belch at the table, “sorry, but chemo really screwed up my stomach”. I even plan to blame chemo for forgetting my wife’s birthday; “sorry honey, but chemo really messed up my memory”.

I’m pulling for you Richard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruvinlaw
Looking forward to seeing you today and to check out those sexy legs! That's obviously why the chicken crossed the road, 'cuase he couldn't manage the stairs!!
Cheers and prayers
Peter <><

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard

bert and chrissie again !
Great you are out ,great you are fighting .Many a model would love those legs , they could earn a fortune .Perhaps you could introduce a new TV programme called leg gurning .
i hope Peter and Jane bring our best wishes to you if they are visiting . I think Christine is over from Ibiza at the end of the month .
Your the man !Man !

love bert and chrissie

Anonymous said...

hello rich,just read your comment and happy they let you out,send you all the best think you need from where you know ..keep going and fighting. Best regards, Stephane xx

andy said...

I seem to have developed similar tiredness and lethargy problems and knackered legs like you Rich, although mine are entirely self inflicted after running a half marathon... It was warm here in Melbourne today (got up to 30) but fortunately the start time was 7am, so it wasn't too bad when I ran...

Good luck with everything and enjoy being at home!

Jo said...

Hey Uncle Wee!
Only just figured out how to leave a message - durh! Glad to hear they let you out for the weekend. It's good news about the stem cell harvesting too. I hope you enjoyed Ma & Pa's visit. Did Mum tell you Philo was in charge of the kids saturday night? He has an interesting philosophy on child care! Take care. Love to Sam and the bairns
Jo x

Jo said...

Heidi's best joke is....

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

...Because it was dead!

She got that one from Kid's Club! Lovely eh?!

I'll ask Jordy for some of his best ones tomorrow, although they aren't much better!

BTW Have you see the new 'Peter Kay's Britain's got the Pop Factor'? It's on at the mo'. Doesn't really live up to Phoenix Nights bt is mildly amusing.

Jo said...

I asked my pal for her best joke today. Here goes.....

There were 3 nuns happily sitting on a park bench enjoying the beautiful mid day sun.

Along came a dirty old flasher in a rain mac.

He stood in front of the 3 nuns and flashed his "bits" at them....

The first nun was shocked by this display and immediately had a stroke.....

The other 2.....

couldn't reach!!!

Hope you are doing OK today and not too worn out after you weekend visitors?

Lots of love,
Jo x

Anonymous said...

hello body,how are you?,hope much better as away from the f.. get a bit of rest and keep your mind getting better ,still fighting man..send you a lot of strong flame,always good..regards .. Steph.

Jo said...

Hey Rich,

As you haven't updated this since the 10th, I hope that means you and your chicken legs are off gallavanting?!!! I hope you are not feeling too crap to update us. Leila was 3 yesterday...can you beleve it? Our bairns aren't wee babbies anymore!
Lots of love to you (my favourite uncle!!!)
Joey xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi richard
just quick hi from bert and chrissie on this fine sunday morning .
Hope you are getting stronger and not pushing too hard .
lighting candles today in church for you ! hope you don t mind . Its a churchie thing !

Jaime said...

Hi Rich,
It's Sams mate Jaime, not that you'd remember me cause I've only seen you once last year when I came to pick her up one evening..
Just read through your blog and have got everything crossed that this chemo is the one that gets the bugger, and that your crazy cat lady gets a full time job or something...

My joke selection is fairly crap, but you did ask for some, you have been warned:

I recently bought a bottle of brown sauce which carried the warning 'Do not use if seal is broken'.
As soon as I opened it, the seal broke, immediately rendering it unusable. I was wondering, how many other innocent shoppers, especially pensioners have fallen for this evil scam?

What do you get if you cross a motorway with a wheelbarrow?
Run over.

My dog kept getting up in the middle of the night and setting the house alarm off. My wife told me to disable it, so I broke its legs with a golf club.

I did warn you, lol. Hope the next scan is good news.