Monday, 20 October 2008

The 7 day (head)ache, opposed to the 7 year itch

Well, it's been a good few days since I last posted, but I have a fair excuse (well, I think it's fair anyways).  I have basically been feeling like utter crap!  Since the Saturday before last Saturday, I was presented by the health fairy with a constant banging headache, that wouldn't shift with pain killers.  

My sister and bro-in-law from Nottingham were coming to visit.  I was just having a rest to be on full strength when they arrived and the plumber turned up (he is plumbing our extension).  He announced after being here about 10 minutes that he needed to pull up the lounge floor.  Great, thanks for the warning, we now had no downstairs rooms we could use (other than our teeny tiny kitchen).  My sis arrived but they just came upstairs and alternately entertained the kids or sat and chatted to me.
The plumber then announced out the blue that we needed to get a new radiator.  I was in no condition to, so my wife Sam had to take on the suddenly urgent task!  She wasn't too pleased!
Despite feeling like 20 builders were trying to drill their way out my head, I managed to go to lunch with them.  It was lovely to see them and be with them but my head banging constantly and feeling super tired was getting to me.  Sam finally joined us and had some food and then I had to end the party and return home for a lie down (wuss bag!).
The headache continued with no respite until today (Monday).  It was improving over the last two days and faded away this morning.  Despite having got through 8 outpatient and 3 inpatient chemos, this headache came closed to breaking me.  Anyway, it's gone now, so hurrah!


Jo said...

Hey Rich,
Just wanted to say I love you and you're still my favourite uncle!!!
BTW am I doing this right? Or is there a way of doing private emails to you that the whole world doesn't get to read?!!!
Thinking of you,
Love Jo x


Will they not give you morphine mate for real painful headaches or is that a no go.

I really sympathise with the pain you must have had to go thru mate.

Thts Mark