Sunday, 26 October 2008

New Chemo Regime and Meeting Radman

The mood and message seems to change each time I see my consultant.  Once again the mood is positive and the message is that the stem cell transplant option has not gone away.  If this chemo regime can get a reduction in the nasty stink beast (my affectionate name for it) then they will jump into high strength chemo, utilising these drugs that have worked.  Sounds like a plan.  Also, this chemo is given as an outpatient, only takes about an hour to do and also is meant to be easier to tolerate.  So far, sounds a winner! 

So, I went in with my entourage.  My wife was with me and my sister from Ibiza had come over too.  So it was pretty cool.  
On arrival, we were told another consultant had come over from Reading and wanted to have a chat.  Hey, the more people looking at my case (sounds like a detective story, "yeah chief, I'm all over the case") the better in my book.  We went in to see him and after a bit of wrangling around with chairs and stealing an extra one, he asked for some history.  I reeled off the story from diagnosis to present day.  He explained that he was a clinical oncologist, which meant that he liked to blast people with radiation, whilst giggling like a mad scientist (okay, that last bit may be my embellishment).  So he wanted to talk to me about how a brief bit of radiotherapy could be used after this chemo regime.  Basically, if the chemo worked, then it could help shrink the tumour some more and if it didn't work then it could give it a push back, whilst a new plan is being put together.  He answered all our questions, was a pretty nice seeming guy and we came out happy.
I got given the chemo and left to go home.  Felt a bit sick going to the car but that calmed down once I was sat down.  I got home though and felt rubbish and went for a lie down.  When the ladies came to check on me my temperature was spiking well high.  I should have rung the hospital but they would have brought me into A&E and filled me with anti-biotics and not let me out for several days, so instead we gave a it an hour and checked if it changed.  It dropped gradually back to acceptable levels and I was a pleased chicken.
I'm writing this from bed right now.  My sister has nipped to church and my wife and son have nipped into town and I have a bit of a temperature going on again.  Probably come down again by now though.  Stupid freaky temperature!
Just so you know, the new drugs are: Gemcitibine and another whose name I didn't remember but it is a synthetic version of vincristine.  I'll mention it when I find out.


Adam said...

The more drugs the better mate, if life has taught me anything the it is that :) You're in my thought always bid dude, keep fighting the nasty bugger.


Chemo-Man said...

Way to go Radboy.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Wildman. Fingers crossed and prayers etc that this new stuff does something good. (personally I am hoping the radiation gives you super powers like the Hulk)

Paul (chicken man)