Thursday, 30 October 2008

My Birthday!

Ok, so this post is a little late as my birthday was on Tuesday.
I've been having little birthday type events happening since Sunday, where my wife, sister and I were going to lunch and lovely wifey had arranged for loads of family and friends to be there.  It was cool.  I ran out of steam about 5ish, went home had a quick sleep and by the time I had woke up, my wife was home with a few of the others, which was cool.
On Monday I said I wanted to go to Thorpe park (the roller coaster place).  A bit of a stupid plan really, but I was feeling ok and wanted to go on a roller coaster.  Doctor may not have agreed, but yaa-boo-sucks to him!.  We got there in the early afternoon.  It was bloody cold and amazingly busy.  We joined a queue (a massive one) determined to get on a ride.  What I didn't realise was how hard on me standing would be.  My skinny legs were not happy and I had to find things to lean on.  Just when it seemed like I'd have to give up, the glorious end was in sight.  The ride, Nemesis Inferno, was cool.  I enjoyed it, but the queuing had knackered me.
We went to sit down and have a coffee, which was good.  Stayed there a bit longer, had a drink elsewhere, some of the others did some other rides but I was content to sit and chat.
Next day was my actual birthday but I felt under the weather and had a temperature, so didn't end up getting up until afternoon.  Shame really, as there were quite a few birthday options available.  In the evening, my wife cooked mexican food (I love mexican food) and some friends came round for drinks.
Yesterday, my temperature was behaving and we had some friends round for dinner (wifey cooking again and very well).  
It's soppy, I know, but I love my wife.  She organised lots of birthday stuff for me, so if one day I wasn't feeling good there would be something the next.  She is one cool lady.
This morning my temperature started off well high (and if I was well behaved I would have rung the hospital - they would have had me come in and that's where I'd be for the next 4 days).  I gave it a couple of hours and it had started to come down nicely.  Stupid weird temperature.  I didn't feel hot, didn't look like I had a high temperature.  Wierd!



Hparry Birthday mucker. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Pity you couldnt of taken Catwoman and strapped her in the roller coaster with strong ductum tape and paid for her to have 20 rides. That would probably top her off.

Oh by the way since she so worried about cats and dogs etc well she should go to Iraq where packs of starving dogs roam the streets and if their lucky get caught by a sniper tuning his sights in. Yes i think that may well be the best solution for CAT WOMAN.

Iv made her sound like some wonder woman slim and attactive but in reality i bet she reaks of Cats pee.

Naught i know but some people ask for it dont they !

Keep the head up mate


Sandra said...

Hey! Roller coaster fun? Good on you!
Happy you enjoyed/are enjoying your birthday season – may it carry on!

Lots of good thoughts,
San x

PS: I think it’s totally okay to be soppy. It’s cool. Soppy is the new black.

Wanners said...

Knackers...forgot your Birthday.
I've always been shit with your b'day. You need to change it to a more memorable date!
Anyway....Happy B'day....belatedly.
Nemesis hey. I Wish the doctors would find the Nemesis for the little bleeder in your chest.
Glad you had a good time.



andy said...

A belated happy birthday from down here... Sounds like the good lady wife has been treating you very well!

Bibliophile said...

Belated birthday wishes!

Love and Regards,

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a top birthday. It was good to see you the other day. Catch up with you soon

Pikey Paul

Adam said...

Glad you had a good time mate. Sorry I couldn't get over, have had a bit of a cold and not a great idea to be giving you my germs! Will get over next week if it suits you big dude.


Anonymous said...

Hello again m8,
just read your birthday post, i am glad to see you are soldiering on.
Your wife sounds lovely and i bet it is hard for her at this moment in time.
Just imagine if it was her in this position and you were ok and looking after her, try and put yourself there!!
I know it is a hard place for you, but try and think of people around you(i.e wifey)
It must be so hard for her, all she can do is try to give you good memories and make you happy, whilst at the same time trying to remain strong for you and your family.
I pray for her each night, aswell as you, and i hope this story has a happy ending, but i also hope someone is looking after your wife, because as hard as it is for you, its just as hard for your wife.
good luck my friend, may you beat this bugger and move onwards and upwards.
sorry if this post seems negative

all the best

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich

I have been following your blog at a distance for a while now. Loved the birthday entry - I mean how many people would even think of doing a rollercoaster in October whatever their condition! It was actually JBs post that got me thinking. I was in a situation where my wife was seriously ill for 2 years and housebound for one of those. My work is often 24/7 and involves a stupid amount of travel at times, so there was the huge thing of wanting to be in two places at once and feeling guilty and resentful of pretty much everything. And of course doing anything I could to help her. Have to say that I could learn a thing or two about inventive ideas from you guys. My point? Well the obvious one about any relationship being give and take and of course we would always give when asked – that’s what it’s about – and of course the recipient knows how much that takes out of the giver. We both came to accept that this was what we had to do. I got to feel good (and not hassled) about being the giver and my wife learned to feel good (and not guilty) about receiving. In fact, what I got from your post is just how much love there is in your household and how wonderfully strong everyone is being. And how everyone knows this. Just thought I’d say.

Hope you have a cool day (temperature wise)


Happy belated birthday BTW

Jo said...

Hey Uncle Rich,
Hope you're not missing Aunty C too much. It must have been nice to have her there to keep you company during the day and she is always great for a good laugh!
Hope you are not feeling to down now Chris has gone home and Sam's back at work. I only work in the mornings 8am til 1ish so I'm home in the afternoon with the kids. If ever you want a chat give me a call. I don't like to ring you uin case you are having a sleep. Not too sure what your sleeping habits are like?! I've read all these comments and I just want to say look after number 1. Don't worry about everyone else at the moment. Focus all energy on you and getting better. We all love you Rich,
Jo x

Anonymous said...

hello rich,I realy enjoy the way you wrote the catwoman story,C is a very nice sister, you're lucky to have so nice family on your side,glad they give you lot's of energy to keep fithing,an I'm sure you'll do it..keep going man.. still sendind you all my best regards and the power you need.. hope to see you very soon xx
And never,never go down mate, keep your mind fighting, all will follow .
Steph xx

Steve Croft said...

Hey Rich, you forgot to mention that it snowed (and quite heavily) on the night of your birthday! Weird huh?

Steve & Ann