Sunday, 26 October 2008


So, we're sat at home yesterday.  I'm in bed, just getting myself ready to shift my ass and go downstairs.  My wife wasn't feeling very well and was sat on the bed with my sister.  

The door bell rang and my wife, Sam, went down to answer it.  We could hear male voice but not what he was saying.  We didn't think anything of it.  A few moments later Sam came up the stairs really upset.  After giving her a moment, she said that it was the RSPCA again!  Apparently the mad old bitches had been making further complaints about out cats being neglected.  They said that the cats are left outside without anyway of getting in the house and with the weather getting colder they were in danger.  Hmmm, would be true, apart from the cat flap we had installed in the back door which they are happily using.  Also, they complained that Sam went away for whole days and obviously they were going hungry.  Yes, Sam does have to go away for whole days, due to work meetings in Manchester, Birmingham and London etc, but she feeds them in the morning making sure they have got plenty.  If Sam is away that means her mum is going to pick up the kids.  Her mum has two cats of her own, so she makes sure ours are well looked after.  She will drop in after picking the kids up or dropping them off and load up the feeding bowls. 
If you look at our cats, you can see they are well fed (maybe too well fed, Pete is a monster cat!).
So, the RSPCA man returned in a few minutes.  Was shown the cats and could see they were fine.  Showed him the cat flap and he was very apologetic and embarrassed but said if they got a call they had to respond to it.  He said he would make sure we weren't bothered again by them.
My sister was totally riled.  It was great!  She shot round to mad cat woman across the street and spent a good ten minutes banging on the door but she wouldn't answer.  She came back and tried next door but no answer.  She asked us if the harasser from next door was likely to be in.  We said yes, so she went back and just held down the door bell, so it was ringing constantly and hammered on the door with the other hand.
Eventually when she realised this wasn't going to stop, the old bag came out.  My sister Chris said that this was not due to us, but was that she is pissed off that she is harassing us.  Old bag tried to interrupt and was cut down.  The conversation went a little something like this:
SIS:  My brother, who as you know is not well right now and my sister-in-law are going through some tough times.  I want you to stop harassing and upsetting them
BAG: But the cats...
SIS:  Cats?  Maybe you should start thinking a bit more about people!
BAG: Sam goes away for the whole day sometimes and the cats are neglected...
SIS:  So, you're spying on her and coming up with a story without the facts?  What sort of person are you?
BAG: You don't have to be like that
SIS: Yes, I do!  With people like you.  I hope this never happens again, otherwise I'll be back and you'll have a problem with me!  And tell your busy-body friend across the road, the same applies to her!

She then came back.  I loved it!  Not sure if it will do any good or if we'll have the police round next, questioning us for verbal assault or some such rubbish.  I do know we are not in the neighbourhood busy-bodies good books though!


andy said...

Good on your sister, I'm glad the neighbour got her comeuppance.

Great to hear the docs are sounding more upbeat again, and there are some more treatment options around...

Mel and I were in Sydney for the weekend at her Dad's wedding, the reception was on a boat cruising around the harbour, which was very nice.

Anonymous said...

joanna81Morning Ricardo
Fantstic news about the new treatment and the Ibizan response to 'madcat neighbour'! Well done graceful! We've just had a great weekend at Wydale and as Jane has mentioned to you, much prayer has been going up for you, including over 8,000 fellow Christians around the world, which started 5.00am Friday morning, coincidence or what?
Cheers and prayers
Peter <><

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to hear more positive news from the docs.

I can't believe that anyone would think your cats are mis-treated or hungry! These sad, mad (....... please feel free to insert what ever other adjective you feel is appropriate) people with nothing better to do with their time have obviously lost all concept of reality.

A good rant first thing on a Monday morning sets me up for the week ahead!

Trish x

The Finisher said...

Great news on the new course of treatments.

Also, awesome work by big sis Chris!

Adam said...

Haha brilliant mate, your sister is a legend! Hope you're keeping your spirits up big dude.


JT said...

Sounds like there are a few fighters in your family! Glad to hear things are sounding more positive and Radman is hot on the case.

Just like you I love cats, but couldn't eat a whole one, boom boom (especially not the size of Pete).



Wanners said...

If anyone has it...its you mate.
Nice to hear the upbeat news.

In terms on Mad Cat Woman.......its coming up to bon fire night....fireworks and all that stuff....I nice well placed banger.....can blame it on the local ruffians!!

Jo said...

Hey Rich,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Uncle Wee Wee, Happy Birthday to you!!!

Was good to see you on Sunday.

Jordan had his op yesterday and we thought he was going to have to stay in as he was bleeding a fair bit and kept being sick. They eventually let him go at about 8pm. I was still thinking of you yesterday though and wondered if they Thorpe Park plan went ahead? I wasn't sure how that was going to work out as its a serious amount of walking around to do in a day.

How are you feeling today?
Has the birthday fairy been with lots of presents? Those books you wanted that I couldn't get in time (I did try but you only told me bout them on Sat evening and we wre driving down sunday morning! Tried 2 bookshops but no luck) I will get them and send them down with the F Team! Phil lost it with his Boss (and I'm surprised he didn't lose his job in the process) as he wouldn't let him have time off on Friday, but he got his way in the end and is hoping to come and pay his favourite uncle a visit.

Have a great day, Love always,
Jo x

Peter Fletcher said...

Morning Ricardo
And a very happy birthday to you, couldn't wait to find out if you had received cards from the neighbours?!
Have a great day (hope you've given the builders the day off!)
Love to Sam, Beccs, Harry, Graceful and Tats.
Jane & Peter <><

Mav said...

Genius. I could do with your sister's help to deal with my neighbours.

Happy Birthday Rich. Hope you're having a good one.


emilia said...

happy birthday wildman, have a good one

em x

charliehoare3 said...

Happy Birthday Rich.
Hope to see you soon.


JoJo said...

hey Rich,

your sister sounds pretty hard. Maybe she could come round to ours next weekend - we're having a party and our neighbours are likely to be pretty narky i reckon.

Hope you're having lots of treats on your birthday.

loads of love

Kate B said...

Good work sister Chris.

Happy Birthday Rich,

Kate B

Anonymous said...

Hi rich
belated happy birthday
Typical us to be late , saw peter at choir rehearsal last night for the concert in NOTTINGHAM on Saturday in front of 2200 people it should be great .
You made me laugh when you said sis Christine turned into the terminator saying "I ll be back " to the witches next door .
Fantastic news re the treatment plans .
love bert and chrissie

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,

Hope you had a great birthday - glad to hear things are looking up. Total respect to your sis - you Wildman folk are a force to be reckoned with!

Alison x

Anonymous said...

Hai Richard,

Through Chris I got your weblog address and I am keeping uptodate. It is all not easy "peasy" (Chris taught me this word in the gym! ask her)and I admire you for your strength and humour. Keep going, Richard and we will see eachother soon in Ibiza.
Milca and John

Sandra said...

Hi there.

I think everybody who’s been following your blog felt at some point like doing what your sister did. Total respect!

On the other hand, the mention of the witch next-door brings up another question that I find hard not to mention... what about that hedge story thing?!?

Hope you’re well

San x

Chemo-Man said...

Apparently the old hag hasn’t seen a farm cat that lives in the barn. In Minnesota you can recognize a farm cat. It will be missing at least one ear tip and probably a tail tip due to getting frozen off during a cold night of 30F below zero. Your cats are living in paradise compared to a mouser on the farm.

Jo said...

Hey Uncle Wee,
I wish I was coming down tomorrow with Ma & Pa & Napolean (Phil's latest nickname!). Phil is really looking forward to seeing you. I hope you had a good birthday & that Aunty C and Sam spoilt you. I know the gifts were a bit naff but I wanted to get you something to open while you were waiting for the proper presents! I sent Andy out on his lunchbreak to find those books but they only had the seagull one! We tried 4 different bookshops with no luck. I thought I'd be able to send 'em down with mum tomorrow. Anyway I've ordered online now so expect a delivery any day. What's new then Rich? Looking forward to your next blog. Love to everyone at Westborough rd!
Joanna xxxx