Monday, 17 November 2008

Scan Today....Scan Tomorrow....

Well, I was in the hospital on Friday for a blood test and line redressing.  I also wanted to find out the details for my scan which was meant to be scheduled for today.  Did the blood stuff and that but when they checked their system for my scan appointment, there was nowt, nothing, zilch.

I saw my consultant fill in the request, the nurses there were totally sure the form had been sent through.  So, they rang.
Nurse:  Hi, I'm trying to find out what happened to a scan request for Richard Wildman
Faceless person on other end of phone: Did you send the form through?
Nurse: Yes, definitely
FPOOEOP: Hmmm, are you sure?  If we had the form then he'd be on the system.
Nurse: Which is the reason I'm calling
FPOOEOP: Oh.  We probably lost it then.  Can I help with anything else?
Nurse: Can you add him into the system, for the requested Monday scan?
FPOOEOP: Sure, if you'll just submit a request form through.  At this late date, I can't guarantee we'll have a slot free on Monday

So, I now have a scan lined up for tomorrow.  Strangely, I'm not too nervous about, despite the fact that if it shows the tumour has not shrunk then they are out of ideas, which is not a good place to be.  Ho hum, we'll see.  I was also told that I won't get any results till Wednesday.  That may be a scanxious waiting time though.


Anonymous said...

Hi rich
Hospital admin rules ok !
Good luck with the scan . We'll be thinking of you

Bert a d chrissie

Damnyoureyes said...

Stupid motherf*$kers

OK mate wishing you all the luck and belief in medical science that I can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ricardo
How annoying and frustrating?!?
I thought we were supposed to be living in a paperless world now, all hi-tec emails and less trees cut down!!
Although I suppose that would put the paper pusher/FOOOEOP out of a job, second thoughts, come to think of it....!!!
More time for more prayers!
Cheers and prayers
Peter <><

Chemo-Man said...


Good luck with the scan tomorrow. Hopefully the new cocktail has plastered that bastard.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rich
another stressy moment tomorow but I believe of good results,you wil go trough it for shure x
all my best regards,
Stéphane xx

Anonymous said...

Rich, we'll be thinking of you all tomorrow & keeping everything crossed that the chemo has blasted the bastard.

Trish & Louise xxx

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers with you big guy.

Pikey Paul

Anonymous said...

Hi there Rich,

Thinking of you today and praying you get the break through you so richly deserve.

Alison x

Jo said...

Sending you much love and prayers as always! Love to Sam also. Thinking of you both,
Jo x