Monday, 24 November 2008

One Step Beyond

Yesterday, I woke up with a temperature of 39.3, which is pretty high, but the hospital aren't too concerned now, as this close to chemo day it is pretty normal for me (as long as my infection markers are low and I'm not neutrapenic).  Anyway, it leaves you feeling washed out and crap, so I spent most of the day dozing.  My wife had loads of work to do and was beavering away and the kids were playing.  We were actually at the in-laws and they have a stair lift for great grandma, but she never uses it.  Because it is there, some of the stair banisters had to be removed so it could travel okay.  Well, I was lying there and Sam was tapping away on the keyboard when a loud bang was heard followed by Harry, our little boy, crying.  Sam moved like lightning, I told somewhat longer unfortunately.  Harry had fell off the stairs where some banister was missing and took quite a fall.  He was in shock and had hurt his little hand.  Sam had already got her sister to call an ambulance by the time I had got down.  The paramedics checked him over and he seemed pretty much unhurt, but he was in shock and not himself.  His mum went with him to hospital to be checked out and he livened up when he saw the toys to play with.  He had an xray and a thorough check by a nurse and a doctor and seemed fine.  By the time he got home he was his usual crazy self!


Adam said...

Poor Harry, he's obviously inherited your ability at falling down! Hope you're good mate.


Anonymous said...

Its a good job H is indestructable. What with this and the "bunk bed incident" the boy seems magnetically attracted to peril.

Good to hear you are up for a good old fight and there seems to be a few more options on the horizon.

Did some research myself on Non Hodgkins. Heard of a few people who were "cured" when certain doctors had run out of ideas. Heres one chap on You Tube
Also apparently there is a chap from my Mum's church who had this as a kid and it got into his spine - it looked all over for him but then it just went away miraculously and never came back. So I guess my point is there is always hope.

Any God bless and all


Wanners said...

He Probably landed on his head. No damage there then!!