Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Worst day so far

Yeah, I really reckon today has had me feeling the worst since treatment started. Well, appart from when I had infections, I'd say that was the really suckiest of sucksville.
Anyway, my body decided to wake up at 4am and I was freezing cold and both my calves ached and kept cramping up. I tottered like an old man to the toilet, as my bladder, not wanting to be seen to be missing out decided to fill. I then couldn't get back to sleep, despite feeling exhausted. I lay there, rolling one way then the other, trying to get my legs comfortable and not cramp. My mouth kept going dry too, despite the fact that I was guzzling pint after pint of water or juice.
Again, I think this is steroid territory. I finished them yesterday, for this cycle and they don't like to not be invited to the party anymore.
Here's hoping tomorrow is better. Just need to be able to sleep all the way through tonight. We'll see. If not, then I foresee a whinging post tomorrow!


Allan Fromberg said...

Hello and cheers from Brooklyn, N.Y. My name is Allan and I am a fellow lymphoma survivor, thankfully 7 years in remission, but for an indolent type, so not cured. Believe it or not, I still get those darned cramps, abdominal as well as leg. FYI, bananas and gatorade help....especially gatorade!

Sandra said...

Hope you're feeling better today...

Look after yourself


Richard said...

Hello Allan!
Great to hear from you. Wow, this blogging stuff truly is global. It's good to hear from someone right there over the pond.

Can I ask, As you have an indolent type of Lymphoma, is this your first remission or have you been through this chemo slog more than once?

I'll try the bananas and gatorade though. I wonder if strawberries help? (I love strawberries, so any excuse is a good one).