Saturday, 21 June 2008

chemo 7 - the penultimate one

just a quick post as i'm writing it from my phone.
chemo 7 yesterday. It went ok but left me really tired and i came home and slept several hours. The staff there were all pleased about my scan results. Turns out there were a few of them checking the results when they arrived and a sense of relief when it showed no regrowth. Bless them all. Many thanks to everyone who sent me supportive messages. As Tesco (or is it Sainsbury) say 'every little bit counts'

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Sorry to hear your feeling "grough" = my new word for grumpish and rough as hell lol but your entiltled to feel a bit rough as you have had to put up with more than you make out.

Really when i here and read about your battle with critter it only reinforces what i have always stated to people who moan about this moan about that .... well friggen shut up beacause there are people a lot worse off. I think you are coping admirably and well done to ya mate and oh so big congragulations for kicking the shit out the critter and knocking him down to a fraction the critter he was. Your rounding the home straight with the last furlong pole in sight and are still on the bridle so as to speak with a double handful ready to win the race. Odds on odds on 1-10 your a Cert mate. I wander if Ladbrokes will give me 1-5 HMMMM LOL