Monday, 16 June 2008

A scanner darkly...

If the title of this post has made you think this post is in anyway about the 1977, Philip K. Dick novel, then I must disappoint you. I was just looking for a title that featured the word scanner or scan and seemed cool. Sorry!

So, I've had the weekend to worry and ponder and it hasn't been too bad. It was father's day yesterday, so I was getting cards and presents and food etc, so that was cool. Today, there is a bloke in finishing off our fence (it was hidden behind an awful bush which we had removed). That's cool, as the fencer bloke is a good laugh and pretty laid back, but my next door neighbour is whinging and complaining about every aspect of it. It was because of her complainig about the fence (which we couldn't see) that we arranged to have it replaced. Now, she stands outside, watching the fencer every step of the way and then stops him and complains about some aspect of it and how e is doing it wrong or intruding on her property, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, and then some more. I have to come out and calm him down as he was ready to pull her head off (he is a big bloke). So, there's that, which is nice and calming. Also, just had the nurse come in to give me my blood thinning injection (got to love those injections). She is lovely though.
There is also another bloke who is doing some tiling work in our bathroom. He is just doing his thing, but I can't help but wonder if the neighbour is going to find some way to complain about that. I guess she just needs to get creative.

I'm off for my CT scan in an hour. We got a new car the other day. We weren't going to. We were going to be sensible. But, the way the world seems to work, sensible can only be taken so far and then it's necessary to have a bit of silly. So, we went for it and got a new car (well, it's not new new, it is used, but it's new to us). We got an Audi TT, so I can whizz along to my scan and back, stereo on full, shouting as I go. So, however it goes, I'll be feeling pretty good!

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