Thursday, 26 June 2008

Zombie day again

It seems to be pretty standard now. A day or so after I've finished the steroid part of the cycle (first 5 days) my body goes a bit doolally. Throughout the day I get a really dry mouth and then after drinking something I need to pee urgently and on it repeats. This isn't too bad except at night time, when I keep waking up with a bladder set to erupt and a matching dry mouth. So I empty the bladder and have a drink but know its only a matter of time before the bladder will reannounce its presence. Tends to mean I get pretty bad sleep. Anyway, that's probably more than enough about my water department management - post steroids.
Today, I just felt like Dr Tired, that evil, but slightly slow moving and yawny arch super crimal. We are having some work done on our bathroom, so I had to get up and lounge around until they were done. About lunch time I hit the sack again and finally emerged about 7!

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