Monday, 16 June 2008

Blood clots rock!

I've got a blood clot in my neck and tonight I celebrate!
No, I'm not completely insane (I have a certificate that says so). If you've been following the blog, it will make sense, if not, then recently I was told that one of two things had happened. Either: My Lymphoma had stopped responding to treatment (bad, very bad) or I have a blood clot (not great, but better than option one). I had a CT scan today. I got to the hospital in Ascot and couldn't find anywhere to park. I was driving round for 30 minutes trying to park and then had to take a chance and wedge my car on some double yellows and hope I got lucky as my scan appointment was getting real close. I ran/hobbled/wobbled to the reception area, filled out a form (you always have to fill out a form of some kind) and within minutes was called in. I got to wear one of the backwards hospital gowns, but only needed to take my top off. I went in, laid down on the magical sliding table, got a needle stuck in my hand (they always have to stick a needle in at some point in hospital). I was pulled in and out of the machine a couple of times and then released back into the wild. Then I got to play the waiting game. Luckily my car was unclamped, which I took as a positive portent of good news (hey, I was clinging onto anything positive looking). I got home, my fence was nearly done and I shot off to get a late late late lunch. Part way through I got a call from my consultant buddy (he's now my buddy, as he gave me good news. I'm pretty fickle).
He said, "...the scan showed two things..."
At this point I held my breath and my mind completed his sentence for him with "1. the Lymphoma has grown and 2. you're a goner!", (not really helping brain!)
He continued, "Firstly, the Lymphoma has reduced in size to 7cm by 2.7cm and secondly, a blood clot is visible in your neck". Okay, so he didn't say it exactly like that. Once I had the first point, I dived in to ask how his alotment was going. Hey, blood clot news can wait!
Anyway, I am a happy boy. Yes, I have a blood clot, but the alternative was not even slightly welcome. Perhaps that is standard hospital policy, when there is some bad news, e.g. a blood clot, perhaps they scare you with a possible worse alternative first, so you're happy with the news! A concept from NLP known as reframing in fact. Even though I know the concept, it still works!


Sandra said...

This is wonderful news!!! Hooray!!!
Husband is getting home soon – so tonight we’re celebrating too!


Damnyoureyes said...

YAY hope the clot sorts itself out ok.
Great stuff mate.
Take care