Saturday, 9 May 2009

Decisions by Richard Wildman

The sign of confidence, of leadership and also a very attractive male quality (or so I am told) is being decisive.

"Ooh I dont know what do you want to do?" Can be a great second date self destruct option for the wuss man!

Just like confidence, decisiveness can be tricky. But as with anything that looks to be difficult there is always a simple (but imperfect, (but hey, life is way too short for perfectionism, sorry but it is look at 80/20)) answer. Here is what happens:-

Choice 1 see-saw- Pro/con- = Forever dither
------------> ^ ^
Choice 2 ----- -----

Rule: If you cant decide in X then pick option 1

You'll soon know if its the right decision - this is not about flip flopping but being able to change a decision


I found this in a notebook of Richard's. The diagram is not posting correctly - its basically 2 choices then arrow to a circle of see/saw decisions and circle of pro/cons which equates to forever dithering! I think Rich would want me to share his words of wisdom with you all!

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