Tuesday, 12 May 2009

3 Peaks and the god damn hoover!

So tomorrow is the day when myself and the 3 Peaks team travel up to Scotland ready to begin the 3 Peaks challenge this Thursday at 5pm. Cast your minds back to the last fundraising initiative I had - the Dorney Lake 10K........... And you will remember how I stupidly twisted my ankle in my heels the evening before the race.

No, no, I haven't done anything that silly this time. However, have been doing a little spring cleaner in the house this evening (cleaning therapy is my bizarre 'Monica' tendency as my friends like to (affectionately!) refer to). Anyway, whilst carrying it down stairs I have managed to drop the big lump of a thing on my big toe - D'Oh!!

Its very sore and looks like it will be nice and black ready for the decent up Ben Nevis!

Ow well, I guess I am not happy with just a 'normal' challenge, I have to add an injury factor into the mix as well.

Anyway, whatever the bruised toe, weather, conditions etc bring I guarantee that I will be up and down all 3 of those mountains as whenever I feel like stopping I will think of my big brave man and keep one foot marching in front of the other. Either that of hop on the back of one of my team mates!!!


Sammie x