Saturday, 9 May 2009

Being Ready by Richard Wildman

You never are quite ready. If you are then it is too late!

Feeling ready to ask out the girl you've been obsessing over for weeks, feeling ready to apply for the job that looks harder than you can comfortably do, etc.

A window of opportunity opens and then it closes. Gone. Often forever. Thats a long time!

When it opens, it may seem to be the wrong time. You may shrug and say "Oh well". Dont. Its not the wrong time. Jump! Why?

1) Its never the right time........ever. There is always something you can use as to convince yourself of that (sometimes pretty good sounding ones too). Ignore them all!

2) Life expects you to stand up and do things before you think you're ready. Its a test.

3) You're always so much better than you dare to think

Richard Wildman


Adam said...

Can't argue with him on any of these! His thoughts on beer drinking was also up there with the best.

Wifey said...

haha they certainly were Adam!