Thursday, 19 February 2009

Franco's Speech

Big apologies to Mr Francis for missing his speech for Richie off. I have been attempting to house keep my email at work this morning and found the email he sent me before the funeral.

It made me smile reading through the list of names again - especially after purchasing new PJ's on Saturday with a picture of a big Racoon on them! I have slept in them ever since, probably time to put them in the washing machine though.......

At Uni he loved his beer his chips and cheese, he did a bit of roleplaying. We were cool geeks though.

After uni often weekends to go clubbing alot and dance like loons till the early morning

A gentlemen amongst gentlemen I don't think I ever had a crossed word with him

Though I did nearly kill him with a wadrobe once

Dr Honker
Tall Fella
Big Dude
Richie Racoon
Uncle Wee Wee
Big Guy
Big Fella
Baby Brother

Some cultures say names are very powerful so it makes Rich very powerful but it’s just testament to how many people knew him, loved him and what he meant to them.

Rich was the funniest, nicest bloke I’ve ever met and can’t really imagine the world without him. He lived life to the full. I’ll regret not spending more time with him.

He was a true gentleman with a code of honour and there was never a dull moment with him. His schemes, ideas, jokes and even speech stay with you, lift you. I’m sure you’ve all got your own favourite ‘Wildo-isms’
I’ll never be able to think of wire brush and detox without thinking of him.

It was the greatest honour to be his best man at his wedding to Sam and I know he loved you very very much and you’ve been such a ROCK to him throughout all this.
Bex Rich loved you immensely you need to be brave as your mum will need lots of hugs
And HARRY, the light in Rich’s eyes when he talked about were his life. Through Rich I sort of knew I’d be ok too.

I could talk about the big fella all day but words can’t convey what he meant to us all and I need to go and cry now…like a big jesse in his words.

I’ll miss you mate!

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