Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Its been a while since I have posted so thought I should get my act together and get a new post in. Luckily last week gave me an opportunity to add a blog which relates to Richie as well.
I have, since June last year, been attending a management and leadership training course with my company Cable&Wireless. The course takes place at the Military academy in Sandhurst.
The venue is very inspirational so I have been very privileged to attend this course and enter this fantastic place. The course originally was split into 3 modules, each module focussing on different aspects of leadership and each module being two days with an overnight stay on-site in basic officer accommodation (this part I did not overly enjoy, not quite the Lowry darling!!).
Anyway, the company decided to add on an additional module, module 4. This took place for me last week. Unfortunately I cannot go into too much detail around the content of this session in case anyone who is also attending an iteration of this course reads this blog. The Sandhurst motto is “what happens at Sandhurst stays at Sandhurst” and to give away too much information would ruin the experience for the next batch of delegates.
Anyway, this final module was a physical and mental challenge, and at one point I was on the verge of giving up as the ‘activity’ I had to complete was, for me, petrifying! We were told in no uncertain terms that anything we were not comfortable doing was fine and we could just move onto the next ‘activity’. I therefore attempted this ‘activity’, legs turned to jelly, shook like a leaf and decided to move on to the next task. As I moved away I immediately thought “Good God Rich would kick your arse for giving up, get back there and do it!”. His motto was often, feel the fear but do it anyway. I therefore went back, focused on remaining calm and with some coaching from one of the tutors completed the challenge. At the end of it I felt brilliant, adrenaline buzzing and chuffed that his words are that strong they are still helping me through stuff today. What an amazing man.

I often get asked how me and the children are doing. Some days are great some days are indescribable. Rebecca appears to be doing ok, we talk about Richie often and focus on the fun stuff from the past. Harry is still very confused about the situation; he seems to be starting to understand that Daddy isn’t coming back now and understandably gets very upset about this. However, Daddy is working hard to keep the ‘monsters’ away from Harry’s room with his magic kung-fu moves. Harry loves to demonstrate this – am slightly worried that he will knock me out one day as he is still rapidly growing into a giant much like his Dad!

Oh and don't forget www.justgiving.com/mrbaldy or www.justgiving.com/chemoman if you fancy donating in Mr W's honour

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