Friday, 27 March 2009

Mothers Day

So my first mothers day without Rich was an emotional day as you can imagine. I was determined to keep busy and try not to focus on the fact that he was not there. My Mum had looked after Harry for me the night before as I had been out to a friends engagement party.

I picked up Harry and we made some food to have a picnic in the park and play on the swings before heading back to Mum's for dinner that evening.

Me and Harry arrived in the park and searched for some ducks to feed. Harry had fun throwing the bread to the ducks and swans. He then had the mission of finding us a bench to eat our lunch on. Once he had the right bench (a difficult choice for my picky son!) we sat down and ate our sandwiches and drank our juice before setting out for the important bit of finding the swings across the other side of the county park. Now Harry doesn't walk, Harry runs - as you can imagine Harry often trips, falls, runs into stuff etc etc! Today however Harry decides to trip and not break his fall with his hands but with his head!!! A massive black lump immediately formed on his head and he was screaming like a mad thing. I panicked and had no idea if a lump coming up was a good or bad thing and Harry was looking a little bit wobbly (I suppose you would after colliding head to pavement!) and therefore decided to take him to A&E to be safe. I was a fair walk away from the car and had to carry a crying Harry all the way back, I thought my arms were going to drop off. I remember being terrified at the time of anything happening to him - I guess thats the aftermath of Richie dying, you realise how precious life is and how easy it can be taken away.

Luckily A&E must be use to panicking Mum's as Harry was seen immediately and they thought that he was ok (aside from the bump) but asked us to stay for an hour so they could make sure he didn't get worst. Harry then played in the childrens A&E play area running around like a loon making me feel the biggest fraud as other parents came in with children with arms in slings or on crutches etc!

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