Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Another Proud Moment

Good morning all.

So I'm sitting at my desk dialled into a meeting, trying to catch up on some work whilst listening to the meeting (multi tasking!! always a challenge for me!). My email pings and I switch focus to my inbox and read the latest mail. As I read a lump forms in my throat, the email is from a man who has been searching the internet for some inspiration around trading after a bad day in the office. He found Richard's bet trading blog and from there this blog...... I have copied his email (with his permission of course) below:-

So, there I was.....after a bad days trading yesterday, scouring the net for words of inspiration. I found your husbands blog regarding trading. I saw the comment from someone in 2007 saying 'time to wrap it up' and thought, perhaps this chap is having difficulty trading too, so thought to continue reading the blog. I kept reading and reading, eventually crying my eyes out.
I thought to myself, that could be me. It put a few things into perspective.

Our little girl (my step daughter actually, but my parnters little girl) had leukaemia when she was three years old. She is now 10....and I have been with this lot for 7 years.
Richards words are an inspiration. I am so sorry for the sadness you must feel.
I am just a bloke who tries to trade and make my way for those who I need to feed. I hope Richard will sit and watch over my trading today and let me know if I mess up......
I will think of what is important today and wanted you to know Richards blog still touches people like me.
my site, it is very very new.....
Had not a clue how to write a web page before I started.
All our very best wishes to you and your little boy,
Andrew Moss, Sarah (my partner, who is walking the dog right now and wonder why my eyes are red when she reurns), Poppy and Rosie.

I have re-read this email a few times, everytime I am re-inspired by my fantastic clever husband and feel so proud that I had him as part of my life. Myself, Harry and Becs continue to miss him everyday but today I feel a little less sad as I am reminded that he is still with us and inspiring people everyday as he did when he was alive.

Sam x

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