Saturday, 7 February 2009

My own tribute

My Darling Richie

I can’t quite believe that we actually have to say goodbye. You’ve been my life for nearly seven years and I am unsure how we will all manage without you.

As you know, my darling, you first hooked my heart when you were playing the Ugly Sister Silica in Cinderella back in Christmas 2001, I could never resist a man in a dress! We got together a few months after this pantomime and I don’t think you ever properly realised how you saved me. Before I met you I was broken and lonely and you bought me back to life and bought lots of laughter to mine and Rebecca’s life. I have described you to many people as my Superman and I wish so much that I had reminded you of this every single day we were together.

Our first year together was pretty much dominated by acting with the Maidenhead Drama Guild. Allo Allo, Canterbury Tales and Nevilles Island – we had lots of fun taking part in these performances and although I did not act with you in Nevilles Island I have lots of fun memories of hosing you down backstage for your curtain up entrance, especially the night we had had a minor falling out I think you started your performance that particular evening soaked through to your underwear!

I have so many special memories that I can always look back on with a lot of love as the special love you gave me will stay with me forever. And of course you gave me our Harry. I remember the distinct shock on your face the evening we found out we were expecting our ‘peanut’ and I remember even more the look of love in your face the first time you held our boy. The one thing that scares me the most is how I make sure our H understands how incredible you are as a Daddy as well as the complex, funny, witty, creative and all the other brilliant words used to sum you up as the man you are. And of course you became Daddy Rich to my girl Rebecca, I was so proud of you for doing this as we all know this was no easy task! And in the early days she played such splendid tricks on you that I know this appealed to your own sense of humour.

Our wedding day last year, at our favourite place Berryhead in Devon, was the best day of my life. Another weekend full of love and laughter, and many more memories that I will cherish forever. I was so proud walking down the aisle towards you with my amazing Dad, especially seeing you with tears in your eyes and in true Richie style you followed this up with some humour and yelled ‘hell yeah’ when you were asked to take me as your wife. We were not blessed that particular weekend with the weather however we were very blessed to be surrounded by all our friends and family.

The beginning of this year bought us news that rocked our world when we found out that you were poorly. But baby I am so proud that you remained so strong throughout all your horrendous treatment and that is mirrored in your wonderful blog. This blog that you created is a testament to your ability to reach out and touch people by giving them hope, courage and inspiration mixed with your wonderful wit and humour. That pride heightened when I read how your Chemo-Man creation was inspiring a 4 year old boy to keep fighting his own cancer battle. We will carry on this wonderful work of yours by keeping Mr Baldy going and will raise funds to help develop cancer treatments and help other patients with their treatment.

I wish that I could keep writing this letter forever and ever so that we did not have to say goodbye. However Mr Racoon fate has decided that our goodbye is now and therefore I have to let you go. As you leave us now and embark on the next stage of your journey remember how much Rebecca, Harry and I love you and will miss you everyday but we all understand that a piece of you remains with us always in our hearts.

Lots of love, Mantha

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