Saturday, 7 February 2009

Charity mate!

Big thank-you to all of you that gave donations after Richard's funeral. We raised £443 pounds that day. This money has been split down the middle and donated to the following two charitites:-

Make A Wish Foundation - This charity grants 'wishes' to children and young people suffering from terminal illnesses. Richard supported this charity whilst he was alive.

Lymphoma Research Trust - This charity uses money collected to support research and clinical trials for treatments for Lymphomas.

I have not yet set-up a registered charity as this is a long process and with my two babies and full time work find little time to do this, and to be honest I just want to get out there doing things to raise money. So, I have set-up two pages on the Just Giving website. One in the name of MrBaldy which donates directly to the Lymphoma Research Trust and the other in the name of ChemoMan which donates directly to the Make A Wish foundation.

We have some contributions on there already along with the money raised by the ladies in Ibiza.

The sites details are as follows:-

Anyone can make a donation via these pages in Richie's honour. You can even pay using visa/debit etc and even paypal.

Ill add details of the events I am taking part in to help raise funds.


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