Sunday, 3 August 2008

Last Treatment

Yay! Yay! and thrice, yay! My final treatment (a non chemo one at that) was on Friday just gone, so I have finished my primary treatment. Lordy, it's been a long old slog. Now it's scanxiety time. I've got a CT scan on August 18th. They expect, due to the type of cancer I've had, that there will be tissue remaining, i.e. scar tissue, etc. So as long as it hasn't got any bigger, this scan won't be too exciting. Then, a few weeks later I'll be lined up for a PET scan. This scan is a bit more interesting. You drink a drink containing a form of glucose with a radioactive fluorine isotope attached. Sound fun? Basically any living cells, especially naughty cancer ones, will eat the glucose and so drawing in the isotope. What does this mean? Well, it is a way to check whether the blob that remains of the tumour is alive (bad news) or dead (yay! champagne for all!). So the PET scan is the kiddie that I'm waiting for, as it will tell me whether I'm done and normality can start to return or whether it's time for the next batch of treatment (noooo!).

Right now though, I've got a couple of infections and feel absolutely knackered, despite having 11 hours sleep! Apparently I have an e.coli infection and a suspected CDIF infection. Sounds a laugh. I'm got a new load of anti-biotics to take. One has the aftertaste of a chalk coated rabbit turd (not that I've tasted that many chalk coated rabbit turds, but it's what I'd imagine they'd taste like). Worst of all though and this increases my belief that there is a world conspiracy to stop me drinking any beer, is that there is a big warning on the anti-biotic bottle to "NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL". Boo! Another 10 days of no beer. So near and yet so far!


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Richard,

Glad to see things are looking good and that you're keeping your spirits up.

Wishing you a continued speedy recovery.

All the best,


Chemo-Man said...

Scanxiety time - funny, but so accurate. My PET scan 1 month ago showed an up-tick. It had me all freaked out until my next scan, which showed the activity receding. The experts now think it is nothing serious, just inflammation of some scar tissue from surgery. However, they don’t want to take my port out until I get more clean scans. Hey, as long as you live clear across the Atlantic, you don’t mind me using your “scanxiety time” joke?

Richard said...

Hey, I'm not that original, I'm pretty sure I nicked the term "scanxiety" from someone else. My advice is to claim it as your own!

Jacqueline said...


I've just been reading your blog. Boo to tummy hurty things. Good luck with your treatment - I hear it isn't very pleasant - and here's to a double vision free, and a non swollen arm weekend for you big man.

Jacqueline (small, curly innocent person)