Thursday, 31 July 2008

I keep slipping more and more with my blog posting. I guess I'm just a bad person.
Well, I've been back into work this week. It's both good and weird. Good in that it feels like life is returning to normal and weird in that I'm not stuck on my own with no one to talk to appart from my stupid cat (sorry animal lovers, but he is stupid. I also caught him peeing on the furniture in the lounge, which didn't help his reputation [got him kicked out in fact])

Yesterday, I had to go in for a blood test at Wexham Park hospital. As usual there was a massive queue but as my test is for chemo related stuff I get fast tracked. Go fast track. So, I go in, hand over my blood form and a couple of minutes later I get called in. As I walk to the blood letters lair, I can feel the eyes of all the people who have been waiting hours burning pure hatred towards me.
It was a different vampiric blood letter today. A young lad, who was trying to talk in a very professional manner (must have just finished his training). He spiked me with the needle and all was good, as blood started coming out, but as seems to be happening more and more often, it just stopped (anyone know why?). A few years ago I got into fencing (with the sword, not the big wooden things that surround gardens). The blood letter reminded me of a fencing drill. With the needle still under the skin he did a classic disengage, thrust and parry. The blood started running again (thankfully. The thrusts were a tad unpleasant). It then stopped again and he withdrew most of the needle, shifted it a bit and then thrust it back in and in and in, I thought it was going to emerge popping out near my shoulder. I thought of gagging but the blood started flowing again and he finished filling up the little blood pots. I bid them fairwell and exited, ignoring the boos from the other people still waiting.
Being a bit of an idiot, I agreed to meet my mate Adam for a couple of beers. I felt really tired, my ankles had swollen (it's a good look) and my legs and back were giving me some grief (not sure why). I walked in and was ready to give up, when the pub came into view. I forgot to mention, I hadnt eaten all day because my tum was playing up too (any part of me still working normally?), so thought I'd better eat something. A few nutritious chips put out that fire! I struggled through 2 pints. I had previously built up a pretty sturdy drinking reputation and alcohol tolerance over the previous 20 years and now I was reduced to this. Oh woe is me!


Lee Strandjord said...

I've just found your blog. Interesting choice of color and layout - checkout mine:
Keep up humor.


Sandra said...

2 pints of beer on an empty stomach... and you still wonder if you’re a bad person?
(did you add ketchup to your chips to make them extra nutritious?)

Glad you’re enjoying yourself.
Boo to the vampires and yay to you!

Take it easy,

S x

PS: So you’re into fencing? Cool. But then, that probably just makes you into a bad AND dangerous person

Richard said...

Hey Lee/Chemo-Man,

I just checked out your blog and did a double take. Looks like we both picked the same layout. The freaky thing is that you go by the name Chemo-Man and here was me thinking I'd been really original coming up with the name Chemoman for my cancer fighting superhero character.

Chemo-Man said...

Hi Richard,

My concept of Chemo-Man is not very original. I see a bunch of chemo patients that refer to themselves as chemoman. I came up with the moniker during email correspondence with my brother. I wanted to lighten things up. Like you, I find humor is one of the best ways to deal with this cancer stuff. However, you’re a heck of lot funnier guy than me. Your concept of Chemoman and Radboy, superhero and sidekick battling cancer is very original. The radio interview is hilarious.

Richard said...

Glad you liked the radio interview. I need to do some more to that little site but never find the time.