Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Hospital, Chemo, Hospital again

So, I once again had a high temperature, had to go to A&E, wait around for hours, get xrayed, tagged and poked, I was admitted. My temp went up to 39, then after numerous different anti-biotics it dropped down to normal.
I was in from Tuesday till Friday (Chemo day) and seemed pretty good on friday, so they said to go ahead with chemo 8 of 8 (yes, final CHOP). Chemo went okay and I was told that I could go home but had to come back in on saturday and sunday for an anti-biotic injection. All good.

So, I went home, came in on Saturday. Felt pretty good for a post chemo day. I then went in to hospital later and they took 3 goes to get a canula in, ow, then I did the anti-biotic and went home. Then Sunday came along. Not so great. I woke up and felt rubbish. Spent all day in bed with my stomach doing loop-the-loops and feeling ill. I checked my temperature and it was 39, so it was back to hospital. They still had my bed free, ready for injections, so back in I went. There I remained until today.
Free again, free again! The taste of creamed potatoes still is stuck in my mouth and the smell of disinfectant lingers too, but I'm out and feeling okay. So there you go. Chemos done, got a Rituximab to have in 3 weeks and then my first scan. No more CHOPs, hooray and hurrah!


Damnyoureyes said...

well done mate. Fingers crossed ang hope everything else goes alright and i'll see you soon for beer.
That disinfectant smell had nothing to do with the hospital as you well know wire brush and detox...


Well done matey. I was a bit worried when you had not posted and thought one was overdue so am glad to hear you are still fighting the little bastard critter and giving him one last zap to send him to hell for good.

All in all i think you will admit all this tratment and its effects are not nice at all and have been making you feel like shite for periods of time. I suppose thats to be expected and will all be worth it mate. I hope your scan shows clear as can be expected mate i really do so Good luck and keep up the fight as not long now.....that is not long until scan i meant. (just sounded wrong when i read it!!)

Best Regards Marek
no i am not Turkish i meant Mark....god i am getting muddled today. I need a nice break like my holiday tomorrow mate.