Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Not happy :(

I'm back to work, but not feeling that good. My stomach has still been giving me grief and I've been getting this weird double vision type thing going on after I wake up (continuing until it kind of sorts itself out).

I thought I'd be pretty chilled regarding my first scan, but little things keep happening that are freaking me out a bit. Yesterday my right arm seemed to be swelling up a bit. This was what happened on my left arm and was caused by the blood clot. I neither want another clot or for the swelling to be due to growing lymphoma. No sir!
Its a bit tender and it seems to be a bit swollen around the forearm only. I'll keep an eye on it.

My previous upbeat (at least I think it was pretty upbeat) mood is starting to fade. I'm getting fed up now and just want to feel well. Hit a bit of a low.

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Damnyoureyes said...

Chin up dude. Hang on in there.
How did the scan go? Good luck with the blood test hope they don't stick you too many times.

I was writing this the first time with a grumpy wriggling person on me last night as I walked around and around but now he's on my lap.

It'll be alrighty soon hopefully