Thursday, 14 August 2008

Stupid Stomach

It's been a number of weeks since my last treatment but rather than feeling better I've been feeling rubbish. As of today, I feel a bit more energised (read that as: don't just want to sleep (not that there is anything wrong with sleep)).
My stomach has been the biggest offender. Not that it is that big or weirdly shaped or anything (at least I didn't think it was. I feel the need to check it now, due to pure paranoia!). After my anti-biotics were completed, it started hurting quite badly pretty much constantly and my energy dropped right down. Now, a few days later, it seems to be starting to settle.

I've got my CT scan on monday, a blood test on wednesday and will be seeing my consultant for the results on friday. I'm hoping it is smaller than last time but understand that it is not expected to be all gone (dead tissue and scar tissue left behind) due to the type of tumour it is.
If all goes well, a couple of weeks after I will get a PET scan, which will determine if anything left behind is still active (bad) or dead and buried (yay, die tumour scum, die!)

Fingers crossed.


Sandra said...


I personally believe antibiotics are stuff to be avoided – whenever possible. But I suppose sometimes they’re necessary and there isn’t much we can do about that.
Unfortunately I found out a high dosage of antibiotics can come with a couple of foul unwanted side effects and the stomach seems to be the place for nasties to come and party.
I once got a vile yeast intolerance as a result of antibiotic abuse (that wasn’t nice and I so do hope you don’t get one of those).

Anyway, maybe it could be worth thinking of making a few changes to your diet...?

Keeping fingers crossed big time here!

S x

Chemo-Man said...

Hey Richard,

When I was going through chemo I had a lot of problems with stomach pain. It felt like I had an ulcer. I finally found something that worked pretty good – Prilosec. It’s over the counter, but my doctor prescribed twice the recommended amount. Hopefully it something that simple for you.


elainewinter said...

Hi Richard. You don't know me, but I know your sister Christine. I have an apartment in Ibiza and go out there several times a year. She's been keeping us up to date with your progress - there are lots of prayers being said for you, so hope things go well for you. She said she was hoping you might get out to Ibiza some time, so perhaps if you are there at the same time as me I'll have an opportunity to meet you. Meanwhile my best wishes and prayers are with you. Elaine