Thursday, 6 March 2008

Pre-Chemo cycle #2 day

Yesterday I went in to give some blood for my pre-chemo blood test. I had a very jolly and slightly mad nurse taking blood this time. She gave me a mini lecture on the necessity of a parent to be over-protective. Kind of amusing in a weird sort of way.

Tomorrow is chemo #2. This time I'll be getting Rituximab as well. This means I need to be there early, as the first application of it can take up to 4 hours! Apparently people can react badly to it, e.g. allergic reactions etc. If this happens they'll treat the symptoms and then continue. As my consultant said, "it may take a while, but no matter what, you're getting it!". Worked for me.

I'm a bit nervous of my blood test results. Over the last week my cough has returned, although not as bad as originally, but it is getting worse day by day. Also, the itchy leg thing that I had before has also started to come back. I know I can't do anything about it and I'll find out tomorrow.

And finally... The "Killing Cancer" T-Shirt I had made arrived. The design looks like this:

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