Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The funny thing about hair

Well, its not really that funny and its just my hair, but some of it refuses to leave. I have kind of a fuzzy half bald (uber thin hair-wise) head. Reminds me of the natural hair of a chap I used to work with (I won't mention his name, but if anyone who used to work with me reads this, they'll know instantly!).

Call me weird, but I kind of miss the in-between stage, where my hair was patchy and half-there and half-not-there. The only reason is that it made me look a bit like "The Kurgan" from Highlander, especially with my biopsy scar on my neck (I wish I'd taken a picture of me then, as I could do a side by side comparison). Here is the Kurgan, if you didn't know:

And here he is again, but this time wearing a rather fetching hat:

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