Friday, 14 March 2008

Post chemo #2

So, a few days since my last post. Just felt knackered and couldn't be bothered to fire up the laptop. Feel somewhat more human today.

Chemo day went ok. I had my first infusion of Rituximab, which meant I was due a long day. I got there around 8.30 and they dosed me up with paracetamol, periton and some steroids, ready for the R. After 3 goes to get the needle in my hand properly (one came out, one missed and one was a bit leaky. Great), the Rituximab infusion started real slow and all went pretty well. As the infusion rate was speeded up (every 30 minutes) I started to go blotchy and they stopped and loaded me up again with periton and steroids and then kicked off again. During this time I had my check in with the doc and found my marker levels were normal but my white count was pretty low (but ok to continue). Last week it had been nuked and the two blood tests I had (post chemo and pre chemo) had it around the 1.0 mark, so it would have dropped between those days, but I don't know where to.

The saturday and sunday had me totally fatigued and with a headache. I felt like I was hung over but uber tired. I didnt leave my bed very much.

Tired, tired and more tired. Really felt fatigued. On the plus side, the nodes in my neck started to become sore on monday and by wednesday had pretty much melted away! Yay! One down, one to go.

Same as monday and tuesday, but at night it was a bit crazy. I just couldn't sleep. Mad, fast thoughts running through my head, just like being a kid on Christmas eve! I reckon it was my body adjusting to the steroids withdrawl and sending me through the roof. I had to get up to pee every hour or so and then drink a load of water again. Mouth so dry. This dry mouth thing is eating my teeth up though. Lots of new cavities coming to town. Stupid cancer.

Friday (today):
I feel almost human again. Somewhat tired but not unmanageable, I don't want to stay in bed. My weight is down, so looks like its eatsville time.

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