Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hot stuff

This week, my wife, Sam, our and little boy, Harry, have been ill. I guess it was on the cards for it to head my way and that's what happened last night. Annoyingly, this week is the week when my blood counts drop due to chemo mashing up my bone marrow and spitting out lots of dead immune system chappies.
I basically started to feel a bit unwell, with a cough that made my brain hurt (OK, it hurt my head a bit, but I like to exaggerate) and my temperature started to rise. Now, I've been told that if my temp hits 38c, then its off to hospital with me. It started to get close and I really should have rung the hospital and let them know, but foolishly I decided to ride it out. Luckily, it came down again and today it has been slightly higher than usual but not too bad. Even so, I've still felt pretty lousy and been spending a chunk of the day lounging in bed. I'll see how tonight goes and see if the battle v the temperature is on again.



Keep up the stength mate. You are takling the illness the best way, with optimism and hope and a sense of humour. gOOD ON YA AND KEEP POSTING REGUALR AS I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING YOUR PROGRESS.


Richard said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the comment. I didn't know anyone other than me know of this blogs existence. It's nice to know I'm not just rambling away to myself.