Saturday, 31 October 2009

Birthday at Berryhead

So am back from Devon again, another nice and bittersweet trip down there.

We didn't arrive in Exeter until half midnight as I had to go to rehearsal before we set off (oh no you didn't, oh yes I did - sorry can't get out of Panto mode!!). On arrival I basically put Harry straight into bed and then we had a couple of whiskys to toast Richie on the start of his birthday.

Was up fairly early the next morning thanks to my noisy 4 year old! Got showered, packed up car again and headed for Torquay. We went for lunch in what was mine and Richie's favourite restaurant, had a quick walk around then headed to Preston Sands. So if you remember from an earlier blog Preston Sands beach was where we would take the kids on the last day of any trip down to Devon to grab an ice-cream and walk along the beach. Its also where we all had our shots of Tequila and ran 'baywatch' style into the sea before we scattered Richie's ashes back in June. Therefore we decided that despite it being October and the risk of us all catching pneumonia we would do this again (although without the Tequila this time as last time I nearly threw up in the Sea - nice!!). I don't really need to say that there were many girlish screams as the cold sea water hit our skin (mostly from Dave, me and Mum managed to brave it out haha!!). Hopefully he was looking down and pissing himself laughing at the site of us having a swim on a chilly October day!

After we had dried off and returned to a healthy pink colour (was a tad blue on exiting the sea!) we headed on to Berryhead. I can never quite describe the way I feel when we pull into the car park of the hotel - the beautiful views make you want to gasp they are so pretty, and the hotel is so chilled - especially with the sound of the sea lapping the rocks. This mixed with happy memories of our gorgeous wedding day and then the emotions of the day we scattered his ashes - an odd cocktail which I am sure you can imagine.

Anyway, I spent some time on the rocks with Harry and Mum. Sat quiet thinking about him and all the good times we had, and also sat with H and talked about Daddy. To be fair H didn't sit for long before he was running around like a mad thing, giving me and Mum a heart attack every couple of minutes when he would career too close to the edge!! However I am sure that Richie would prefer to see his boy whizzing about as usual than any other way.
That evening we all had a nice dinner together and glass of champagne to wish Richie a fabulous birthday wherever he was (Harry stuck to OJ of course!). No doubt Richie would be having a glass or two himself (Champagne not OJ of course!) at his own party in paradise.

If there was a magic way to get a birthday message to him then mine would be - Happy Birthday Richie on what would have been your 38th Birthday. Your card would no doubt have lots of references to the closeness of hitting your 40s!! We miss you more and more everyday but hope that you are watching down on us all and smiling, or even better laughing at some of the crazy ways we keep your memory alive. Lots of love today, forever and always Mantha, Becs and H xx

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