Thursday, 22 October 2009

Nottingham to Maidenhead Bike Ride

Back in September two of Richie's friends completed a bike ride from Nottingham to Maidenhead in loving memory of Rich.

The journey commenced early on the morning of Saturday 12th September where the boys rode from Nottingham, via some 'Richie' landmarks such as Lady Bay School, Julian road, De Montford Uni etc onto Banbury. They stopped overnight in Banbury and then headed on to Maidenhead on Sunday 13th.

The boys rest for a well deserved pint!!

Tiredness appears to be kicking in!

Wayne and Sean arrived in Maidenhead early afternoon to a welcome committee of myself, Katy and Harry along with cups of tea and jammy cakes! Wayne with very sunburnt knees and Sean looking like he needed a well deserved beer!

Well done guys, Richie will be so proud.

If anyone would like to make a donation in support of all the hard work and efforts of Sean and Wayne then donations can be left at or


Terence! said...

A pint, jaysus I'd need a pint a mile doing that!! well done to the lads

Wanners said...

A sunday dinner, lasagne, 2 cans grolsh, 4 cans stella, 6 pints lager, 2 steaks and chips, spicey chicken, 6 fun mars bars, 2 packs of dextrose tablets, 8 bottles of gatorade and some water....does that seem better?

Wanners said...

Oops...forgot the two full english breakfasts too!!

Wifey said...

Its a wonder you boys were able to cycle with all that food!!

Wifey said...

Its a wonder you boys were able to cycle with all that food!!

Terence said...

Much better, although spicy chicken and cycling - brave men. Well done guys.