Saturday, 25 July 2009

Steve & Sue's Wedding

Yesterday I travelled up to Lancashire to begin the celebrations for the wedding of Richie's best man Steve and his lovely lady Sue. A long journey on the first Friday after the schools break up is not fun! I decided to drive up in Richie's TT, seemed like I was bringing a bit of his spirit with me, which I certainly did in Road Rage! Don't get me wrong I'm usually fairly placid when behind the wheel of a car, but after 8 hrs of driving to do a journey which should have taken half that time I was a little tetchy! And why do people HOG the middle land ARGH (ok perhaps still not quite over that!).

Anyway, 1 Audi, 2 ladies, at least 4 motorways with at least 6 accidents (not us luckily, although Katy was close to having her own 'accident' when needing a wee and stuck in a jam 17 miles from services, she is going to kill me for writing that hehehehe!) bam we arrive in Lancashire - although I was nearly 2 hours late for the rehearsal at the Church. It seems a lot of people where in the same situation so I was kindly forgiven by a very calm Mr & Mrs to be (considering it was the eve of their big day) and invited to join them at Sue's parents for a BBQ.

After the BBQ we checked into the hotel, which is also the location of the Wedding reception - a fantastic pub/hotel with the most amazing views. It almost feels like we are out on the moors, very romantic location for a wedding reception - and stupidly I have forgotten my camera so cannot post a picture of the view at this time but will get Katy to do this for me and add later..... oh hang on can use my camera phone silly me!! Here goes:-

As you can see fabulous views, anyway feel like I am rambling again! So a couple of glasses of wine in the bar then we hit our beds. Which leads straight to me tapping away at this post.

I guess today has bought me back to my own wedding day. I remember waking up early and having a massive walk with my Dad through Dartmouth. He didn't do a typical 'Dad wedding chat', we just talked about loads of stuff - just general day to day stuff and it was really special. We walked down this massive hill into the Marina and I said to Dad lets go get a cup of tea - great idea he said but I have no money. D'oh neither did I!! So we had to hike back up this hill to the house and were 2 very dehydrated people when we got back!

We then had a limo ride to Berryhead which took about an hour as they couldn't use the ferry. Me, Dad and the bridesmaids sat in the limo in our PJ's (except for Dad who stuck with Jeans and a Tee) drinking Champagne. I was a mix of nerves and excitement, but it felt great. I remember getting this really lovely text from Rich saying how calm he was feeling (which was not how I expected him to be at all - to quote the tv series friends and I am sure a lot of his mates would agree - he was not likely to take a wife!! The eternal bachelor!) and how much he was looking forward to making me his Mrs Wildman - Rich could be the most soppy person I knew at times, it was great. Perhaps I should blog some of those memories? I always have this fear of forgetting those moments without him here to remind me. Anyway rambling again!

So when we arrived at the Berryhead Rich had to take over with Harry and we took over the room to get ready. Immediately I realised why Rich was so calm, our room was so peaceful and all you could see and here was the sea - bliss! I think it was only when I left the room all dressed up in my lovely gown and sparkly Gina shoes that my legs began to wobble and the nerves hit me. I think my Dad could probably feel me shaking as he took my arm to walk me down the aisle. Once standing by Rich though and seeing tears in his eyes the nerves went and I just giggled at how my big strong man was being more girly than me!

So I guess today is going to be great fun but also a little emotional especially as the tears are forming just writing this blog and facing into the memories with the fact that he is not here anymore.

But the most important thing to say is Congratulations to Steve & Sue and I really hope you love this day as much as I loved the day I married my Racoon.

Sammie x

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Adrian said...

Nice post - I think using these memories is a great idea. Keep it up.