Monday, 13 July 2009


Melancholy, funny word but probably about right for my mood the past few days. Its weird, I seem to have a few days that are good and then feel really really blue (melancholy!).

I get a little cross with myself for feeling that way, after all there are lots of fun things happening in the not too distant future. Richard's best man is getting married in a couple of weeks to his lovely wife Sue to complete their family, I have another friend I have known since secondary school who is also getting married shortly. One of my best friends is pregnant and due to give birth in November, and my fabulous friend Santhosh is due to become a Daddy before Christmas. So as you can see, lots of exciting times ahead. When I am feeling particularly blue about everything though I guess it reminds me how cheated I feel that Richie isn't here anymore and it feels rubbish that he is not here to celebrate these happy moments for our friends (and you all know he would have celebrated to excess!).

Anyway, not really sure what the point of this blog today is - although when Rich first got into blogging he would tell me that he had to keep updating the blog regularly in order to keep people 'interested', so apologies that this one isn't particularly interesting but without this you might all get bored with the lack of updates and stop logging on here at all!



Anonymous said...

Totally normal to feel melancholy lady. You have aq big Richie shaped hole missing in your life.

Thanks for posting. You may think its pointless but, its not. It is quite brave of you to share your feelings like this. Besides you are honouring Rich by continuiung the blog.

Take care

Pauly x

Damnyoureyes said...

Well said Pauly we second those words.

Whatever helps Sam.