Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Bit Of Lady Love Heading My Way!

So after a bit of melancholy, I decided to get my ass back into gear and focus on some of the stuff that (still!!!) needs doing to the house etc!

So as well as a very busy week this week at work (got given another team to manage last week so currently frantically trying to do 121s etc), I have also (with the help of trusty Dave Angel!) hung some ace wedding photos around the house, made the conservatory a little more homely, booked a plasterer to skim my bedroom ceiling tomorrow and a decorator to come quote on Sunday, had a landscape gardening company come around to sort the bombsite of a garden I now have, MOT the Audi and got it back on the road and hung a new pretty light in the new bedroom (aka old Garage!). Not bad, not bad!!

So, my reward, an impromptu trip to Bridgnorth to spend the weekend with my fabulous Lady (Katy!). The plan is to drink as much wine as possible when the children are sleeping then tire them out in awake hours by going to the Safari Park, Steam Train and fingers crossed getting Brian to teach them magic tricks in the pub!!

Roll on 5pm Friday!!

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