Friday, 5 December 2008

My Fantastic Husband........

For those of you that I have not been able to contact directly, or via friends I am sorry if this is where you hear the news. But sadly my fabulous husband lost the battle this morning and passed away in his sleep.

For all of you that have been following this blog and helping Richard with your fantastic words of support I would like to say how appreciative I am that you were all there behind him every step of this fight.

I will add another post on here once the arrangements have been made.

I wish that I was as witty and good with words as my boy to add a comment to make you all smile, all I can think is that in his non-believing state he is now having an argument with St Peter at the gates to let him in! Which no doubt he will win (probably bribing them to update their IT systems).

Sam x



My condolensces to you and your family .... he was truely brave and upbeat right to the end. You can be proud of him thats for sure.
God bless him and your family.


Chemo-Man said...

This is so hard to believe. Richard was so positive up to his last blog post one wouldn’t suspect that his passing would happen so soon. Months ago I was told that I may have to go through more aggressive treatment like stem cell replacement for my lymphoma. I was very afraid of it and even had strong thoughts of not doing going through with it if things came to that. Because of Richard’s bravery I am no longer afraid and plan to fight to the end just like him. I express my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.


Damnyoureyes said...

At a loss for words. My thoughts are with you Sam, Bex and Harry and the rest of the family the world is a much much poorer place without him in it.
Steve,Sue and Jack

andy said...

Sam, so sorry to hear this news. I worked with Richard at innocent until moving to Melbourne last year. He was a great colleague and a fantastic person, always enthusiastic, interesting, fun and so positive.

My thoughts are with you all,


Row said...

I am so sorry Sam. I work at innocent and Wildman as Richard was known was such a great character, even trying to try and get me over my fear of sharks using various NLP techniques on a quick walk in between meetings. He was a lovely, lovely man. Thinking of you all. Row x

Sandra said...

I don't know what to say. Still finding it hard to believe.
Meeting Rich was a privilege.
The man was a hurricane and it was impossible to stand nearby and not get affected by his amazingly wacky ideas and extra witty sense of humour. And a lovely, interested, always-trying-to-be-helpful great guy too.
I'll admire him always.

My thoughts - and Rob's - are with you and your family
San x

Jo said...

It hasn't quite sunk in yet and I just thought I'd read through my wonderful uncle's blog yet again. He meant so much more to us than words could ever express and we will all miss him so very much. Our memories of him and all the laughter, fun and games we had with him will always live on. He really was one of a kind and will continue to be admired and respected by so many of us. Don't be so sure he wasn't a believer....I bought him that book he asked for for his birthday but also bought him a copy of 'The Message' (the Holy Bible in contempory language). The day after mum and dad baptised him on your bed that day they visited, he sent me a text that stated "I admit that I have started reading the bible you bought me, although I was on the toilet at the time!" Typical Rich comment hey?! He also replied to one of my emails saying that he wasn't in the Dawkins camp! So I'm pretty sure he got through the gates no problem! I loved my "Uncle Wee" so much, I always will. I love you too Sam and am always here for you. Take care, and know that we are all thinking of you and the kids.
Jo x

dangermain said...

I'll remember Rich as a panto villain, an NLP guru, a lovely chap to have a drink with. I interviewed him over a pint before he got the job at innocent and was struck by what a lovely man he was. We talked about our families and a whole ton of other stuff - just about everything apart from the job.

It's difficult to know what to say, other than I know that everyone at innocent is going to miss him, and will remember him with love. Our thoughts are with you Sam, and with your family.


Anonymous said...

Sammie, I am unable to fully express how sad I feel at this news. Rich was the most unique individual I have ever met. So clever, so insightful and so bloody cheeky. I loved him very much and I love you and your kids so much also.

Always there for you Pikey xxx

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with you Sam and children and family .
He was an incredible man , who with great dignity , humour , courage and inner strength fought to beat the trauma . I don't think I could have had even had the courage to open my heart and thoughts as he did to us all throughout the ordeal .
Chrissie wants to post her own thoughts but please be sure he was a light in her , Justine and Melonie's life .

love Bert and Chrissie xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,
I've been following the blog for a few months now and am so very sorry to hear the news.
I first met Richard as a teenager helping out at Wydale, making everyone laugh and have twice as much fun as they would have if he hadn't been there (and wearing a tu-tu as I remember), and I never forgot him! It was great to meet him again by chance several years later in MDG (again wearing a dress!!) He was an amazing bloke. I send love to you and the kids.

Hannah x
(acted with you both in Allo Allo)

Jane said...

Just to say to all you guys who gave so much encouragement and most of all 'love' to Richard, my heartfelt thanks! It meant more than you could ever imagine just knowing that he was not 'fighting' on the battle field alone. It is comforting to know that Richard has touched the lives of so many people and he loved to see people laugh. Please give someone a smile for him today! Love especially to Sam, Becs and Harry and a big cuddle too for Shirley and Pete
from Richard's sister Jane xxx

JT said...


I'm really sorry to hear the news.
Rich was fantastic to work with, he had so many interests and passions that he shared with us. Helping people with NLP, dressing up as a pantomime villain or using his IT skills to make a few quid in trading. His irreverent sense of humour made lunches down the pub great fun and perked up otherwise dull meetings. His attitude has been inspirational and typical of his amazing character.

My thoughts are with you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Can't still believe it, what a so fantastic man,so positif an with a so nice sence of humour.He was always fighting and I'll remeber him like an example of courage and bravery x God bless him xx
All my thoughts to his family x
Stephane xx

Anonymous said...


Wanners said...

Sam (and Family)

Just a quick note to say that we are thinking of you and are here for you should you need anything.

Wildo (Tall Fella, Chief) was a great mate. There were times he was a little out there with ideas, but that was part of his charm.

He will be sorely missed.

Love to you all

Wayne, Clare and Katie (my Sisters, Brother, Mum and Dad too)

Peter Fletcher said...

Hi Sam
So sad that Richard lost the physical battle but so pleased that he now rests in peace for eternity.
What a great fellow he was, a wonderful husband, father and incredible inspiration to so many which he will continue to be as long as his memory lasts, which will be a truly long, long time.
With my love and every blessing to you, Beccs, Harry and your wonderful Mum and Dad
Peter <><

Sandra said...

Dear Sam

Me again.
Today’s been a very strange day. The sun shining when it should be dark and rainy. Rob and I went for a walk and as we talked about Richard, the news has finally started to sink in.
When we got home, I automatically checked his blog, somehow waiting for bits of his writing to magically appear in front of my eyes. Instead I read so many beautiful and touching comments… they made me cry.

As you know, Rich and I were writing a script together.
In one of my visits to the hospital, he said that if he didn’t make it I was free to do whatever I wanted with the material we were working on, that they were mine to use and change as I pleased. I replied I couldn’t see myself writing that story without him. As far as I was concerned, if we weren’t to write it together, the project would get filed for good. And he was going to make it anyway.

But after reading all these comments, I realised I can’t do that.

If you agree, I’d like to try and finish what we started. It certainly won’t be the same without him and his witty dialogues, but I promise to try and be as faithful as I can to his original thoughts. And do my best to get it made or published – so that his kids would have something to remember his creativity by.
I owe him that.

And, Wanners, his ideas were not just “a little out there”. The guy had genius and his ideas were pure gold.

Anonymous said...

I am lucky enough to count myself as one of Richard's and Sam's closet friends, well more like a part of the family really.
Richie is one of the most fantastic people I have ever come across, he was intelligent, generous, a bit of a "geek" (of which he was most proud), full of passion and new ideas and incredibly funny. I have so many happy memories of spending time with him, my Sammie, Becca Boo and H - and we always seemed to be laughing.
I cannot express how devastated I am by what has happened and how brave and positive he was to the end and how proud I am of him.
I know Richard would all want us to be there and show our support for his Sammie, who he loved so very much; from the comments on here and the messages and phone calls I've had and Sam has had this weekend I know that is happening.
Richie I will miss you very much and I promise to look after our lady, Becs and your boy.
Sammie, Becca and Harry you know how much I love you all, am missing you guys heaps and I will be there every step of the way to help you through this sad time.

Thinking of you all,
Your Katy Kangaroo xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam

I can't express fully how much the world will miss the big feller. There just aren't the words. Wildo, a true gent and without doubt one of the funniest blokes to roam the planet. A BIG man, both figuratively and literally!

Our thoughts are with you, Rebecca and Harry.


Sean & Amy

Philip1978 said...

Dear Sam,

I worked with Richard at IIS and I would also like to express my condolences for you and your family for this tragic event.

Richard was an inspiration with his jokes, laughter and sheer mischief that only he knew how to get away with.

That drive and enthusiasm of his despite everything that was against him was something that I will always admire and respect.

Although I am extremely sad to hear about this I count myself a very fortunate man to have such good, positive, memories of Richard and I think from reading everyone comments he left a lot of people feeling the same way.

I will miss him but I promise never to forget him


Annie Evett said...

nothing more can be said here... you have love coming all the way round the world.
( Adrian is my I knew Richard in the UK when we lived there)

Anonymous said...

It’s the big heads that rule the world but it’s the big hearts that make it fit to live in. One big hearted gent has left the world he will be deeply missed...

Anonymous said...

So, so sorry to hear the news. Richard was such a fantastic guy and touched the hearts of everyone he met. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

Anonymous said...

We are truely sad that Richie lost his fight. We were both privileged to have shared some fantastic times with you both and will never forget the very positive "Wildman effect" that Richie brought to any evening. We can only offer you our support now and always, we will only be a phone call and a short ride from the country away.
Our thoughts and hearts are with you, Becca and Harry.

All our Love
Lisa & Pauly (1) xxx

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this news and so shocked. Right to the end Richard was so positive and absolutely incredible with his 'Never give in' attitude.

I never had the privilege to meet Richard or to know him as well as many people on this blog, but I always admired his positive approach to everything in life and will miss his great sense of humour.

Everything people have posted here is a tribute to a wonderful man.

I am sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,
I am so sorry to you and your children and the rest of yours and Richard's family for your loss.

I did not know Richard except through this blog, but he seems to have had a wonderful spirit and sense of humour and was so full of ideas - a very talented person - it's infuriating his body would not let him live to fulfill all of his potential, but it sounds like he had a very full and loving life in the short time he had - his comment about you on 26th Nov being 'all smiles and wonderful' was very moving.

I'd like to thank him again for 'Chemo-Man' which is what led me to this blog in the first place - and let him and you know it has made my 4 year old cousin (also fighting cancer) very happy to know there is a specific superhero for fighting cancer.


Talkbet said...

Deepest condolences to you, family and friends. Followed Richards blog originally from his 100 to 100,000 days and then obviously onto Mr Baldy Lymphoma. Words fail me, Richards posts were always so incredbly upbeat, you must of been (and always will be) so proud of him, he was an inspiration to all of us and gave us something else to think about while we moaned about the weather or our jobs, totally insignificant stuff in comparison.


mike said...

I too worked with Rich at innocent.
He was always such a nice chap and I will always remember him for his bravery and wit to the last. He will remain a real inspiration.

If there is an afterlife they have just unearthed a diamond.


Lauren E said...

I couldn't believe when I heard the news. I remember interviewing Rich before he joined innocent and was struck by how passionate he was about every little detail in his life - his pantos, you, his little boy with his "mad hair", sky-diving, NLP, IT... everything. He was always so positive and upbeat... there was never a dull moment with Rich around at work. Rich you absolute legend - you will be sorely missed.

Lauren E

saperduper said...

My condolences to you and your family

Paul Monaghan said...

My condolences, I used to work with Richard at IIS. I didn't know him that well, but he was always friendly and engaging. A top bloke!

My thoughts are with you and your family.