Friday, 26 September 2008

Oxford say "no!"

I've been allowed to escape for the weekend, which is cool and the gang.  I'm sat at home, watching my own TV, sat on my own settee and it's great!  No hospital till Monday, but then they want to start the next chemo (4 days early.  I liked the idea of chilling and feeling good for a few days, but hey ho).  Was a bit downbeat today when my consultant said that because I didn't respond to RICE, the cancer squad in Oxford did not consider me for the stem cell transplant and high strength chemo (which is the best shot at really blasting this thing apparently.  It blasts me too, but I get to recover, whereas it should be no more (hopefully)).  The bastards!  The good news though was that he (my cool consultant dude) rang the cancer terminator team in Hammersmith and told them my situation and they had a different plan.  They would go for a cycle of ESHAP (which is what we had in mind anyway) and if I respond at all, even a little bit, they would go for the stem cell stuff.  Hey, Hammersmith gang, I love you.  Oxford turds, you can go and university yourselves!  No, I'm not bitter.
Okay, okay, alright already!  I'll tell.  The hedge incident.  I'd better talk about it now as otherwise you'd have to wait a week or so.
Anyway, this hedge.  Well, we had this hedge and it was a monster.  It ran from the end of the garden, down to near the front "garden" (I put garden, because I couldn't think of a better word to describe the space where the cars park that sits in front of the house.  There is a little bit of grass and a few weeds there too, so it is garden-ish.).  Anyway, the headline to take from this is that it was a long hedge.  Now, not only was the hedge one long mutha f*cker, but it was wide too and as everyone knows, it is all about the girth.  It was about 4 feet wide, so it happily ate about a 4 foot chunk of our garden, for no reward.  Oh yeah, it was also about 7 foot high.  The good side of this is that it meant that we were well shielded from the mad, crazy and insane hound lady and her hounds.  All seems pretty okay so far, when you think about, we have a 4 foot barrier protecting us from infection from the loon next door.  The thing is, it was one ugly thing and after about 3pm the garden suddenly because dark, as the hedge blocked it out.  There were also rumours that various members of the faery folk have been spotted living in it and if there is one thing that I dislike, it is squatting imaginary creatures (apologises to anyone out there who believes in such things)
Nope, the hedge was a pain, not only because it was ugly but because it had to be cut every few months.  If you do it yourself it takes yonks and if you get someone in to do it, it cost a wodge.  For what?  Stupid hedge.  Also, hound lady used to constantly complain about the hedge, demanding that I came and cut it on her side (as she was a pensioner, which is fair enough).
So, here I was walking towards my house when hound lady intercepted me and started moaning about the fence.  No, not that fence, but the fence that was on her side of the hedge.  A fence I never knew existed.  She was saying that it needed repairing and some panels replacing.  Obviously, any mention of fences from her, filled me with fear.  Sam and I had been talking about getting rid of the hedge and if I had to repair a fence I never see or even knew existed, then I might as well get rid of the hedge and fix up the old fence.  I told her this plan and she was ecstatic.  I couldn't believe it, I thought she would moan.  So, on a high, I called in, you guessed it, Steve the fence man.  He was a little reluctant to do anything that was within 100 metres of hound lady, but the hedge extraction operation appealed.  Oh man, this is going to be a long post as there is a lot of ranting to fit in.  Sorry, I may have to save the rest till another day.


Sandra said...

Just when we think you're gonna reveal it all...Oh no...not yet!
You've got to keep us wondering, guessing, begging, screaming for more, haven't you?
How fair is that?

C'mon. Just tell us. You know you want to.
Still no?
In this case, assume you're deriving pleasure from this. You want to drive us insane, to torture us with your evil manipulation of anticipation and suspense.
Right then. It worked.

Can we have the rest of the hedge story... Pretty please?

PS: Good to know you're enjoying your weekend home. Good luck on Monday!

PS2: Squatting faery folk...nasty witches spying... Interesting place you live
(now that actually explains a lot)

Anonymous said...

Good luck for monday,hang on in there, wish you lots of energy and beat that bastard tumour!! , Best regards .. stéphane & Co..

Anonymous said...

hello my baby brother. Thinking of you lots and lots. Wish I could be with you tomorrow, but am with you in spirit. Send you lots of love, and will come to G.B. and be with you. Animos my lovely brother. Love you lots. Bye for now Christine x x x x Love to your family xx x

The Finisher said...

Hey dude - hope all goes well in Hammersmith.

Oxford is off the Christmas card list. Dreaming spires my ass.


You certainly have a sense of humour matey and a good attitude.

PMT as they say and you have it in bundles. Keep positive buddy as you will get there mate and beat this nasty little critter. It must be hard to keep being resolute and positive but you still keep up the form and have to as it all helps the fight.

All my regards and best of health for the future mate. Always check your blog crossing my own fingers as well, even my

Rgds Mark

Anonymous said...

Hello rich, this hard monday is gone. keep fighting rich , you're strong and you'll make it, I'm sure.Send u a lots of good energy from Ibiza and looking for seeing u very soon. Best Regards, Stéphane.

Jane said...

Oxford - puh! They had their chance and missed it. Let someone else get the praise instead eh! The way you write is so interesting and discriptive it makes us feel that we are with you and it helps us too! Thanks for giving us so much info about what you're going through. We are so proud of you baby brother 'cos you are so brave. Love you lots, Jane xx

Peter said...

Hi bruvinlaw, am amazed at your writing, can there be another panto script in the making? Don't let the barstewards get you down, never did like Oxford anyway, look what happened to Morris! Keep up the fight, we're all on your side.
With respect and every blessing.