Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ding, ding, round 3!

Well, scanxiety wasn't around for long.  My consultant came in and told me that despite the fact that the two scans were different, one was a high res scan and the other was something else (I don't remember every detail) and difficult to compare like for like, as far as he could see they did not show the level of tumour response that they would be looking for at this stage.  Great!  Super!  Magic!  

Hmmm, I was not surprised but I was disappointed.  Strike 2.  Apparently, there is a plan C, but with each failed go, the odds get worse.  Good job I'm feeling lucky!
So, no more RICE chemo, this next week or so, I get to try out ESHAP.  This little baby gets given over 5 days this time.  Joy.  One of the drugs is infused for 96 hours.  Sounds nice.  Still, this one features steroids, which the little git seemed to respond quite strongly to, so lets hope it does here.  My fingers are aching from the constanting crossing and uncrossing!  
Roll on ESHAP then!


Wanners said...

Right....Plan C to get rid of the pesky blighter....bunker buster followed by tactical nuke, then Wanners talking to it for a couple hours....that should do the trick. If not....at least my talking for a coupe hours should put you to sleep and you can get some rest.

Keep it up buddy, kill the mthrfcker.

PS - Pizza or chinese the next time I visit....curry?

Wanners said...

Erm....just checked up on ESHAP....Diarrhoea as a side effect amongst others....better not do the curry!!!