Sunday, 21 September 2008

An Illegal Glimpse Over The Fence

We did it!  We mounted an escape bid.  Well, my wife did really.  She is very clever and very cunning (and may also be reading), did I also  mention beautiful and talented too?  :)

They (she and the kids) arrived after lunch today and we told reception we were going for a walk and could be some time.  
Backtracking a bit.  I woke up this morning and was feeling fine!  My arm was looking more like it belonged to me and less to Hellboy.  In fact it looked almost normal (almost, but still a bit squidgy).
I had managed to get through 24 hours without a temperature spike and at a time when I was most fearing having one (one of the lads who is a nurse here has just passed his blood taking test and is eager to let blood.  If my temperature spikes they want a blood sample from my line and my arm too and I didn't fancy him having a good old root around, scratching his head, looking like a dog who was sure it had buried its bone here but then again maybe over there... near the tree (dig), hmmm, howabout next to the fence (dig)).  No.  Didn't want that.
Jumping in time again.  My wife arrived looking lovely (you still reading dear?) and we shot off in the car.  The perfect crime.  The original plan was  to go for a walk round the park, but as the most walking I had done was to the toilet and (mostly) back, we decided to drop in on the in-laws, let the kids play in the garden whilst we had a sit in the sun (me very in the shade).  It was really nice.  I had forgotten how great sunshine was.  My artificially lit room, with only a glimpse through the bars on my windows (okay, slight exaggeration) to the beauty that is freedom.
Yesterday, the doctor had said that if my temperature stays in check and my blood counts keep climbing then they would probably be able to convince the ward uber-fuhrer to sign my release papers.  I was silently hopeful.
Anyway, after a lovely afternoon with my witty, intelligent wife (just checking you're still reading, dear) and the kids, it was time to return.  Rather than drop me off, they came back in and stayed for a bit (until Harry became painful with his constant demands for chocolate and yet another drink).
A little while later a couple of other friends, Gary and Kelly came to visit, which was great as I hadn't seen them for a while.  Sadly, whilst they were here, a sign went up on my door.  I had been marked.  I don't know if it was punishment for leaving the defensive perimeter, but it looks like it may damage my case for release tomorrow.  Basically, after my neutraphil count has jumped up and down over the last few days, today it is 0.5, which is officially neutrapenic and also meant that I should not have left the ward.  Oops, I didn't know.  Open the communications channels here people!  Anyway, all is okay.  I got given my "night time drink" (I opted for hot chocolate, as it is usually the one they can do the least damage to).  I studied said drink and still fail to understand how basic hot chocolate can be made to look and taste so bad.  An enigma scientists will no doubt be debating long after we are all gone.
Anyway, I'll let you know if I manage to will my neutraphils back up tonight and use my get out of hosipal card.  If not, then roll on next "night time drink", perhaps I'll give Horlicks another chance.

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Sandra said...

Happy to hear about The Great Escape ;-)
Hope you can get the neutraphils thing on track and be properly and officially released!
PS: I liked the Waltzing on the Ambassador's Lawn post...