Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Knock, knock... Whose there?


I know some people out there that are reading this blog, but it'd be nice to know who else is.  If you get a minute can you click the "comment" link under this post and leave me a note saying hello?  Be sure to leave your name and I'll be a happy chap.

Thank'ee kindly,



Anonymous said...

I've started following your betfair trading blogs and been reading ever since. Your attitude and sense of humour are an inspiration.
Keep going fella, you've got what it takes.
I'll look forward to future trading tips.


Damnyoureyes said...

You know I'm following with the winning combination of laughter and sweaty palms and nausea from the talk of blood, arm jabbing and hospitals. hang in there you will beat this f&*ker

Chemo-Man said...

I hope you’re enjoying your “normality” time and reprieve from pincushion duty. Does your doctor warn you or apologies for touching you with cold hands? Its like, “yah, that’s the worse thing that has happened to me”.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, I read it but I think you knew that (and only during lunch - not at quarter to four in the afternoon)



sage said...

Watch out for the hickman line, sounds nice but its just a ploy.
Best take a big stick just in case.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rich, I've been checking for an update so good to see something today! I did nearly faint with all the talk of trying to get a line in........sorry I'm such a girl!

Trish x

Anonymous said...


I've been following your blog since a link appeared on the Innocent newsboard. Despite the not so nice subject matter your blogs are always entertaining. Wish you all the very best for this next round of treatment, am sure it will kick all this nasty business into touch.


andy said...

Hi Rich,
I'm reading your blog via my google reader on the other side of the world. Love the descriptions of the hospital visits...



Sandra said...

I think you know I'm your reader... and I haven't got over the hypnosis thing yet.
I know you can beat this (I'm sure you will)


Tullius said...

I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

I am of course a regular reader! I think you need more posts about your fabulous wife hahahah!!
Seal xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,

Still routing for you mate,

Alison x

jojo said...

hello mate, i've been checking in every now and then to hear the latest. Best of luck with the next lot of treatment - you're a star and can definitely get through this. Just think of the xmas panto.

thinking of you a lot
JoJo xx

Shun said...

WE NEED THE WILDMAAAAANNNNN, dude if they try anything funny whack em with the jello!

Good luck - hope to see you soon


Matthew said...

following everystep, awesome blog, you are one tough bugger. Fordy

dangermain said...

I am here Mr Wildman. Slightly disappointed with the lack of panto chat, but then you can't have everything.

Much love

Dan G

Gibbo said...

Hey Dude

Great to see you are still blogging, and keep going mate, you are doing brilliantly. Get back to the towers soon, Dave's getting ideas above his station.

WIll be seeing you soon


Anonymous said...

Hi Rich

Been following your stuff from a distance for a while now. Yup, you are inspirational, truly out on your own - it's not often you get humour and gore in the same paragraph. All power to you and many positive thoughts


Talkbet said...

Still reading it mate, not impressed by lack of updates on the betting blog ;o) Only joking, hang in there, thoroughly entertaining and an inspiration to us all sat here thinking we are having hard time at work or wherever, sometimes we dont know how lucky we are.

Anonymous said...

hey rich, has this box been here all along and i have just never seen it? oops. you know my it skills....
i hope everything goes well in this round of treatment. And, if you know when you might next be in FT let me know - i made a disturbing discovery about the pirate parrot from the panto.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,

Ignore everything Gibbo says.

Keep on going and get back to the Towers soon. It's not as much fun without you.



You know i always look for a positive update mate so you can count me in.

What does this mean .... when you have kicked the shit out the critter and writtena top selling novel we the loyals will get a cut and also an invite to your innevitable party to celebrate winning the battle ,,,, serious mate would be nice eh !

Rgds Mark#

Jeremy said...

hey mate

hope this next treatment goes well
il send postive vibes from NZ

Anonymous said...


I too used to follow your Betfair blog with a keen eye and thought that short film you did with the mobile phone was really, really funny.

You really are amazing with your positive attitude and this blog is a real inspiration to anyone.

Keep going man!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Rich, Next time I'll come to GB, we'll share some nice hot beers in a crap's London Pub. No problem you'll kick that assh... for ever.Don't worry wil find a way to contact you..Stephane

Anonymous said...

To the best brother in the world.
You are doing great. Just to say I love you so much and am so proud of you. Speak soon my lovely brother. You will beat this shitty thing,love you lots and lots.
Chris x x x x x

The Finisher said...

Hey dude - I drop in and read your upbeat words. You're a zen master. Every time I complain about something pointless and frankly irrelevant, I'm reminded that I should stop whining and enjoy everything instead. You the man!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard
Bert here of Chrissie westbrook and bert fame .
Always in our thoughts , keep fighting because I know you still owe me a few pints !
Christine (sis ) e mailed me re our male voice choir to Ibiza trip in June next year and mentioned your blog was worth a read .
Blood , sheer guts or what !
keep the faith Rich

Anonymous said...

I've been reading since your Betfair Blog
Love your attitude man, keep it up and i wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

Erm, who are you???


Hope it's going ok dude...

speak soon,


Anonymous said...

I'm reading your blog! I heard about Chemoman first and that led me to this page. Just wanted to let you know my 4 year old cousin who lives in the US and is also fighting cancer, thinks Chemoman is great - I know you have a lot on your plate, but please update his page too when you get a chance and keep fighting, you will beat the crap out of cancer!

Row said...


I keep dropping in to read how you're doing. Loved the RSPCA/hedge-gate story.

Take care,

Row x