Monday, 25 February 2008

Post chemo blood test

I had a good weekend. I felt pretty much my old self. My two sisters, Chris and Jane, came to visit on saturday, along with my brother in law Peter.
We had a good catch up and then went for lunch at a pub down the road. My appetite is good and my weight seems to be holding around the 14 stone point.
We had a good lunch and chat.
Chris stayed over and it was a good job too. On sunday we needed to nip to A&E as my wife was having a few problems following an operation she had had recently. My sister took the kids into town and to the park whilst we sat on the nasty plastic A&E seats, waiting (expected waiting time 3 hours, great). Luckily Sam was given priority and we didn't have to wait for too long, but it wasn't quite the sunday afternoon we had planned.
Today (Monday 25th), I needed to go in and get a blood test done. I didn't have to return to the hospital where I was getting treatment but could nip to the local hospital (5 minutes walk away). You turn up, get a number and when you're called go and have some blood taken. A bit like the supermarket's bacon counter (appart from the blood letting bit).
The nurse doing the blood letting was not in the chirpiest of moods, so I made it my mission to get her laughing. Okay, perhaps she has heard it all before, but I reckon it must be hard work for her to take blood from miserable person after miserable person (pretty much everyone waiting for their blood testing looked like they were waiting for execution). Anyway, we had a laugh with each other. She promised to use a new sharp needle with me (rather than the same old blunt one I accused her of using to save money) if I promised not to recommend her to my friends if they ever need blood taking (so she didn't get too busy).
Chris walked to the hospital with me and after we wandered back and got some lunch. She had intended to stay over and look after me, but as I was feeling so good, she decided to go and visit a friend who was in a bad way with cancer of the spine. I dropped her at the train station and later she called me to say that within an hour of getting there, he had passed away. He was in his 80s, but a really nice guy and his family were mainly out the country as it was his son's wedding that weekend. How worse could the timing be.

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