Thursday, 21 February 2008

Into work

I went into work today. The first time for a couple of weeks really. I felt kinda strange. Wired. I don't know if its the remnants of the steroid effect or what but I felt somewhat high and slightly out of it. I think my blood sugar is cruising at 20,000ft right now. I'm wanting to eat a lot, my mouth is pretty dry and I feel somewhat manic. Made for some good conversations though.
My team were all interested (at least I think they were!) in the ins and outs of the treatment and what things did and how, etc, and we had a good catch up, which was cool.

I had a good talk with my boss regarding my current role and how things might work whilst I'm in the land of the sick. There are still a few bits to iron out but they're be a plan in place by end of play tomorrow. On the plus side, work have committed to do all they can for me, including keeping me on full pay, etc for the next 6 months, regardless of whether I am in or out, which has really taken the pressure off.

Anyway, it felt a bit more like life was almost normal again, having been back in. It was weird in a way, as it also highlighted the different place I was in now.

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