Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Morning sickness - keep eating!

I thought there might have been a mis-diagnosis and I was actually pregnant. I woke up this morning, feeling pretty okay, but a bit nauseous and then my empty stomach decided to try and empty itself even more. It only lasted for a few minutes but reminded me that there may yet be some side effects waiting for me. I had finished my course of anti-sickness drugs, but had some extra "use as needed" ones, so I took a couple of those and they did the trick, only downside was they left me feeling like a bit of a zombie. I have since discovered that the only time I have really felt sicky has been when I've let my stomach get empty, so now I don't! Something weird too, I've suddenly fallen completely in love with tomato soup. Never used to rate it that much but now, I can go through tin after tin. Perhaps its the steroids talking, but hey, I can't get enough of it!
Actually, when I think about it, I was quite energised this morning. I was able to get the kids up and ready and then logged into work from my laptop and got some emails sent and got caught up and felt pretty good. I'm guessing the steroids are doing their thing. I've got one days dose of them left, be interesting to see how I feel when they are finished.
So, today I was on a bit of a manic one, getting stuff done and feeling pretty energetic considering. Hopefully my energy will stay reasonably up, we'll see when the steroids are done (fingers crossed).

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