Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Not sure if I had let you all know but Innocent have placed a post on their blog about Rich:-


Innocent added this blog last Thursday afternoon. Following on from this I received an email from Alex Smith which I have copied for you all to read below (I'm hoping that Alex is ok with this as I have not had a response to confirm it is ok)

A Thank you message.

I started to write an email and then stopped. Then read some more of your blog and this is the result. I always found that I reacted to people talking to me about the big C with contempt and anger at how people cant possibly understand how it feels to watch someone wither in front of you. I read both you and your husbands blog through the innocent website. I'm 21 and lost my mum to cancer last year after a 3 year battle. I cant imagine what youve been through because everyones story is different, but what I want to say is that I find you an inspiration. I've tried to do some fund raising but I've been tied up in work and university and all the things that mean life gets away from you. In her last year my mum raised 600,000 for our local hospice, I have always been incredibly proud of her; she literally didnt give in until the drugs shut her body down. This really isnt a very well constructed email so please forgive me for this. Reading about you and your husband has made me realise that I need to be doing more of the things that my mum spent her last days focusing on. I try to perspectivise my life but am quite poor at it; wistful youth and all. I cant do a lot but what I can say (and do) is that the next run I do (half marathon) will be for your husbands charity. One day I hope to inspire people in the way you have. I wish you and your family all the happiness and success in the world.
Kind Regards
Alex Smith (Lex)

Every time I read this email I get a lump in my throat but am hoping that I am making Mr W proud by raising some cash for charity and keeping this blog going - plus its nice to know that there is at least one person reading this!!


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