Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Harry Turns 4

Saturday was Harry's birthday. A really odd day for me without Rich as I am sure you can appreciate.
Unbelievably Harry slept in until after 9 (why do they do this when you don't want them to!). For once he got washed and dressed without the usual dramas, birthday presents are a brilliant bribe! His little face when he got downstairs to his presents was fantastic - predictably all cards were ignored as he ripped wrapping paper off all his new toys. As an adult don't you wish you could open presents in this manner rather than having to politely open them slowly and say lots of thank-you's before politely moving onto the next - would be much more fun to dive in and create a sea of ripped wrapping paper. I never understand the people that open presents so carefully so they can re-use the paper - makes no sense and must be no fun opening presents like that! Anyway, back to the birthday boy, so after Harry had opened his presents and ate his breakfast we (Me, Bec, H, Julie, Josh and Katy) headed off to Legoland - Harry's birthday treat!

It was a great day - sunny and dry - perfect! The first ride we went on was the rapids. Whilst queuing we could see the people coming off this ride looking pretty soaked but we ignored the fact that you could buy water-proof ponchos and piled into our 'boat'. It was pretty clear fairly quickly that not only would we get wet but we would also be leaving the boat soaked - however it was sunny so this was fine! What I did not anticipate was the random squirts of water that caught me straight in the eye so I left this ride not only wet through to my undergarments but also sporting the look of Chichi the Panda! Mascara running all down my face - nice! The rest of the day went well, the kids had a great time and Harry was on his best behaviour (for a change!). On our way out of the park we went into the lego shop and Harry purchased some toys with the birthday money he had been sent by some friends and family. Becs picked a new handbag (that's my girl!).

We stop at McDonalds onroute home for birthday tea (happy meals all round!) and headed home. The car was very quiet for a change, god bless theme parks for tiring out children!

Harry and Josh then had a quick play in the garden before Harry blew out the candles on his Ben 10 birthday cake. Bedtime went rather smooth as well as we were going to Thorpe Park the next day so Harry had more rides to look forward to - and as Harry has told me, he likes the fast rides as they "make my winky wobble Mummy" !!!!!!!!!!!! My son, the charmer!

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Damnyoureyes said...

good post Sam Mr R would have loved that one, leave the readers with an funny image even if it is of you as chichi the panda